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Review: Worth the Coming Home by Lisa M. Owens

Worth the Coming Home by Lisa M. Owens
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 244pgs
2 Pants Off

For Josh Brooks, it’s a summer of wishes come true. First he gets his dream horse from a rival trainer. Then his brother’s Army Ranger buddy, Dane Keller, comes to work on the ranch and Josh meets his dream lover too. Dane is hot, competent, and fresh out of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Everything would be perfect—except nobody knows Josh and Dane are gay.

All Dane wants is a quiet life in a less claustrophobic closet and a ranch job where he can earn a living. But when his best friend’s little brother, the one who wrote the letters that kept their spirits up in Afghanistan, turns out to have grown up in all the right ways, Dane can’t help wanting more despite his fear of commitment.

While Dane and Josh are busy trying—and failing—to keep their hands to themselves, someone else is watching, biding his time. Then he strikes, first at Josh and then at the prized horse. When all of their secrets and fears are exposed, Dane is determined to protect Josh, even if it means leaving him behind.

I was so looking forward to reading this book. Was looking forward to the intensity and just by the blurb it all sounded very compelling; but sadly, it just fell flat for me. So yes, I am very disappointed Worth the Coming Home.

The books start with Josh Brooks who recently just purchased a prize horse from a bad trainer. Josh knows he can do better; all he has to do is prove it. While working on the horse and chatting with his brother, a stranger appears. Seems it’s an old army ranger buddy of his brother Jesse. Dane is everything that Josh is attracted to but his family doesn't know he's gay and he can't risk it no matter how tempting Dane is. Until Dane makes it clear as the sky is blue that he's interested, and a night of hot loving leaves Josh in Heaven (well...until the next morning).

Dane suffers from PTSD, so touching him during a nightmare or something is a mistake. Josh knows the effects of PTSD, seeing as how is brother suffered from it but Dane seems more troubled. His mood runs hot/cold but Josh can't help falling for the man. When Josh is outed in a bar, and is assaulted it seems like he might lose his family and most definitely Dane.

Well... there are so many things that didn't work for me in this book. First, I made no connection to any of the characters. I was not sympathetic to any of them (not freaking one! I couldn't even muster up anything for Dane and his PTSD, which just makes me, feel all kinds of evil). Second, Josh's whole family sucked! They lost me when they didn't go check on him when he was beaten up. Even though they turned out to be supportive, I wasn't buying it. Third, the relationship between Josh and Dane didn't feel believable. The whole D/s thing during sex just felt "meh" and all kinds of unsafe (like what if he had a trigger and it was shown that he could get violent). Last, I was reading to finish not reading to enjoy and when it feels like work, it’s a goner.

Wanted to like it, but it just didn't work in the end. I just felt like all the strong elements weren’t explored properly. I don't even know what happened with Dane's PTSD (like did he just forget about it cus I don't remember reading about what happened with it). Also, who shot the freaking horse? Like it's obvious who it is, but isn't anyone going to arrest and prosecute his ass. Things just got lost in the wind.

Should You Read It? I don't want to say no because there is a lot of positive reviews out there for this one. Maybe I am the odd girl out but I didn't enjoy it. I liked the horse, and the horse riding with the kids (only saving face).

2 Pants Off

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