Friday, February 15, 2013

Fanfiction Friday: Take #3

So I didn't do much fanfic reading for this week, I need to do some re-watching of shows to get all the feels. I did revisit some of my fave Twilight slash, Jacob/Edward getting it on must be what heavens like? I also read a bit of a Crazay Supernatural fic that was just so freaking weird I didn't even quite get what the hell I was reading. Trust me when I say it was crazy! I also read bit of HP fic too, love the whole enemies to lover and epic enemies are Harry/Draco plus this offered up a side of Mpreg ( I call that win).

Since I didn't read much fic, I had to go deep in the archives to pick out some of my faves. Happy Friday!!

Sterek (Teen Wolf Fandom)

Worlds That Turn On Their Own
3.75 Pants Off

Summary: When Stiles had left Beacon Hills, he'd done it with every intention of never coming back. Ten years later, he finds himself forced back to his hometown. Of course, it's not long before things are just as they had been before -- that is, falling headlong towards disaster, and this time, stopping it isn't really an option.

Thoughts: A cute fic, but not really that impressive. Stiles returns home after being gone for ten years, he has no choice to return cus his dad suffers a hear attack. He doesn't wanna see the pack but he can't be an asshole and not go take care of his father. A good job on character development, and nice pack feels.

Softer Than Silk, Stronger Than Iron
4.5 Pants Off

Summary: Stiles should have left them where he found them and called the wildlife department but with Stiles being Stiles, and his damn paternal instincts flaring up, of course he didn't. Instead he brought them to the Hale house. Hey, if hanging out with Werewolves could constantly get him into life threatening situations he should at least get something good out of help raising the two little wolf cubs he's suddenly fallen in love with.

He doesn't even realize how much he's affecting Derek. Unfortunately for Derek, the rest of the pack does.

Thoughts: This one is epic, and the pack feels is off the chain. Stiles finds some wolf cubs and he starts giving Derek feels. Stiles discovers he's Derek's mate and all the crazy that comes with it. This offers up a solid Stiles and Derek, and man does it bring the sexy. Possible Mpreg ahead (so yeh it had me at hello)

JohnLock (Sherlock Fandom)

A Cure For Boredom
4 Pants Off

Summary: They'd never talked about sex in the year they'd known each other. Well, that wasn't quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

Thoughts: This fic is one in a million. Very sexy, kinky, and dirty. There is some F/M but John bending to Sherlock's will is just pure beauty to read about. Oh man I get the feels just thinking about it. This is why fanfic is awesome, they take characters you love and push them to another level.

The Fabric Of Life
4.75 Pants Off


Thoughts: What awesome is made of! This one is slow burn but so wonderfully written you will just gobble it up. Luckily for you don't have to wait for an update, I had to and it almost killed me. John thinks Sherlock is dead so he attends this group for people suffering from grief. It's sad and hits right in the feels, and even more so when Sherlock shows up alive and kicking. Shoot, I am gonna go reread this one.

Draco/Harry (Harry Potter Fandom)

The Silent World Within You
3.5 Pants Off

Summary: Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more.

Thoughts: So not the best HP fic, but I still really liked it. Its an Mpreg so that alone is like an automatic win :D It's on here because I liked reading it.

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