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Review: Sacred Hearts by Dev Bentham

Sacred Hearts (Tarnished Souls #3) by Dev Bentham
Novella: 143pgs
4 Pants Off

Life's a gamble--and lately David Schwartz's partner has been losing so much that David must close their restaurant, the hippest little place in Portland. He sells everything and moves back home, but at thirty-five, he's not eager to sleep alone in his childhood bedroom or to be supported by his father for the second time in his adult life.

David's had enough. He needs to start over, maybe with someone like the elusive man he's been seeing in his dreams. An old friend offers him a job catering a movie set in Puerto Vallarta. It's been years since David's alcoholism spun out of control along the highways of Mexico. Determined to experience Mexico sober, he stuffs his few remaining possessions in a backpack and takes the next flight down.

As Mexico prepares for Christmas, David lights Hanukkah candles, celebrating the return of the sun and wishing for true love. On the first night of Hanukkah, David meets a tall, dark stranger who rocks his world in a secluded moonlit cove. Is this the mystery man of his dreams--the answer to David's prayers? And what must David sacrifice to make his dreams come true?

David Schwartz's finds himself bankrupt and having to close his tiny little restaurant that was his pride and joy. His partner in both life and business has dealt him a bad hand with all his gambling but David has no one to blame but himself. He should have known better, and now he's got no choice but to pack it all in and start from scratch. For the second time in his life he has to move in with his father, first: was his trip back to sobriety, and now again without a penny to his name.

When a friend calls to tell him about a potential job in Mexico, David would be a fool to turn it down, but Mexico is where he started his descent into booze. It's like walking back into to the lion's den, but David is ten years sober and he knows he can handle it and the job is more than needed. Being fluent in Spanish is a plus, and David falls into an easy rhythm with the locals while working as the cook on a movie set. The job is only for a month, and the work is tough but David feels like his life might finally be moving forward. When a sexy stranger takes him for a sexy interlude on the beach, David feels like he's the man from his dreams (literally) but sexy stranger runs scared without so much as a telephone number. Destiny has other plans and David will have to make choices for his life, and will it involve the man he has come to know as John Giovanni.

Firstly, I really thought John's name was made up and he was in it to get it. Hands down though, this is my fave in the series and it can be read as a standalone. There's much to like about David, he is a genuinely nice guy who's had it tough and deserves his HEA. I found John to be somewhat complex but not too complex. He wasn't all broody, and his reluctance to get involved seemed justified. This book is not about the sex, but about two men with a past coming together and making each other happy. There is talk of religion but it really isn't over powering or preachy but a foundation to know the characters, and see what they're all about.

I am also a sucker for foodie books, and this is one of them. I was hungry through most of reading it, and really wanted to take a trip to Mexico.

Should You Read It? As I said this one can be read as a standalone, but the series is pretty solid. Dev Bentham has variety in the writing, and wonderful characters. Sacred Hearts was a really nice read, and I enjoyed it.

4 Pants Off

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