Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coming Soon: Geek Week

I am so excited for this Theme Week, its going to be another big fave of mine, because this time its all about the Geeks. I am talking about the sexy, and from what I gather tons of my readers and some authors are total fans of a nerdy characters (and/or even nerds yourself). So if you are, I want you to join me in making Geek Week all types of special.

I am looking for guest posts, giveaways, and anything you wanna share with us. If you have an awesome collection of Star Wars memorabilia, you just dressed up for a steam punk party, or you're all into protons/ions, then quite frankly you're perfect. This is also a celebration of how sexy the mind can be, and we want to read about those characters who are socially awkward but their intelligence knows no bounds.

Geek Week will be running from April 22-28, so to be apart of it hit me up at What I am looking for is...

  • Giveaways
  • Guest Posts
  • Book Recommendations

And I will be talking about some of my fave geek characters and books. I want to hear about all your faves too, so stay tuned.

SideNote- Check out that awesome banner, and the other on the right hand side. Thanks to the wonderful Ms Megan Derr. They are so totally awesome!


  1. The call of my people!

    I taught myself to knit because I wanted to make Jayne hats for juggling geese. They were a birthday present for a friend I've never physically met, whom I encountered while playing Han Solo in a multifandom online rpg.

    I wrote fanfiction in 24 different fandoms--from Anastasia to X-Men--beginning in 1982. I have cosplayed (in fact most current pictures show me in some sort of steampunk). I have cross-stitched Jedi teddy bears.

    I go to 6-10 SF conventions a year and most of my m/m work is SF/F/H. If it's a contemporary, one of the guys will usually be a geek.

  2. I would totally offer something up, but I'm not sure I have anything that qualifies.

    1. Hmmm, yeh I don't think so either :D

  3. I'm working on a story for "Love Has No Boundaries" that features a nerdy MC. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


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