Friday, March 8, 2013

Fanfiction Friday: Take #4

Once again I haven't read much fanfic of late, but now and again I get in the mood. Plus, Fehu has lots to share. I have to go dig deep in the archives once again and find some faves to talk about. Also, if any of you have any Recs for fanfic (doesn't have to be about the shows I only watch) just ones you've read and loved, please do pass them on. I would love to read some of them.

Happy Friday!!

Sterek (Teen Wolf Fandom)

4 Pants Off

Summary: Stiles is sitting in English class when the thought first occurs to him. They’ve been talking about the ending of Jane Eyre, and Rochester’s fate, and the concept of disability as punishment, and his mind jumps to Derek ordering him to cut off his arm, and he wonders idly whether the arm would have grown back or, more likely, just healed over the stump immediately, and huh, he thinks with a sudden thrill, huh, there’s no way Derek Hale is circumcised.

Thoughts: This is one hot little read I tell ya. Stiles is fascinated with a certain part of Derek's and he just can't think about anything else. The writing is fun, sexy, and a little sweet plus its porn through and through. Stiles is so Stiles in this one, and I can just see him hooked on Derek's uncircumcised penis.

Jasper/Edward (Twilight Fandom)

4.5 Pants Off

Summary: 'The way he looks at me makes me feel...uncomfortable.' Jasper's girlfriend's brother, Edward, keeps staring at him.

Thoughts: Oh bloody hell is this angsty (like intense chewing your finger nails angsty). I really loved what the author did with the characters, Edward here is like a 180 Edward from that of Twilight (night and freaking day). There is intense situations, and man I wanted throw my comp when I remember reading this. It's well worth the read (trust me).

Fehu`s Picks

Merlin/Arthur (Merlin Fandom)

Fool Of Us All
5 Pants Off

Summary: Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is.

Thoughts: This one is hilarious! It's told from Arthur’s point of view, who is furious, that apparently all world decided to find his Camelot’s wizard irresistible. Of course it's Merlin's fault! A love potion is at work and my favourite scene was Arthur and Merlin on a hunting trip, all animals love Merlin as well and he hates it when Arthur tries to hurt the poor things. Arthur is as expected pretty grumpy. The best part is the dialog there are some great lines that made me laugh, learn from my experience and don't listen to it in public! ^_^;

Supernatural Fandom

4 Pants Off

Summary: On his first day at work in a new hospital, Jensen finds that his biggest concerns revolve around not looking like a psychotic hobo, deciding which coworker(s) he wants to sleep with, and figuring out a way to stop badgers having sex in his house.

Thoughts: Another one of the funnier fanfiction variety. Again I caution you not to listen to it in public, since it starts with Jensen having a bad day, just before he starts his job at a new hospital. The place he rented had two furries lovers in it, so after a long drive the sight of two badgers having sex in his house greeted him. How it all could get worse? The badgers or at least one gets sick, just guess who was conveniently in his way? Of course his coworkers would turn out to be freaks as well, how could that not have happened, with Chuck in the picture?

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