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Guest Post & Giveaway: Writing Sexy Times (or not) by Ana Reese

Serving Royalty Blog Tour – Writing Sexy Times (or not)

It feels odd to talk about taking off pants on Pants Off Reviews.

It isn’t unknown in writing romance, whether it’s M/M or otherwise, that sex is a big seller. While I can admit to enjoying a good smutty scene or two myself, I find that I tend to skim over most of them when reading just to get back to the plot of the story. I’ve seen quite a few posts on whether writing a sex scene just for sex, or writing them when it pushes along plot. I have to go with the plot pushers. Those are really the only sex scenes I tend to read anymore, but I can totes understand reading a PWP (porn without plot) scene just because. Hell, I have plenty of times. I just can’t write them.

Though the Serving Royalty series is based around a young nobleman, Jonas Hall, descending the social ladder to become a whore in the capital city’s palace, it isn’t about the sex. Well, not totally. It’s about Jonas, who has been put aside his whole life, finding his own place in the world even from such low standings. It shows that while certain things are expected of him, they aren’t going to be the things that shape who Jonas is or how he is perceived by those that matter.


"Maybe he's offering to crawl under the table and find that dessert fork you dropped."

Jonas hurriedly stood up straight, looking down at his soft boots. His cheeks stained pink at the innuendo coming from behind him. They were truly a bawdy group to talk as they did at the dining table. He dreaded to see how they were in the privacy of their own rooms.

And Grant had said the dinner meal was more formal. That was apparently only the case when the royal family was in attendance.

"Oh?" The blond ducked his head a bit, looking up at Jonas' face. "I don't think he's ready just yet for all that. What do they call you?"

Jonas whispered his name, struggling not to snap and bring unwanted negative attention on himself. He bit his tongue just to be safe.

"So quiet, Jonas?"

"Leave him be, Tollious. The poor lad's probably shy!"

Jonas peaked across the table through the hair that had fallen across his shoulder. It was the older gentleman Grant had been serving who came weakly to his defense against the blond, Tollious. The older man's salt and pepper hair was striking against his dark eyes.

"Shy," came a sneering comment from further down the table. "He won't be for long if Walters keeps him those colors."

"Who wouldn't want him to stay in them?" Tollious smiled wickedly up at Jonas. "I can think of quite a few here that would be charmed by his face and demeanor."

"I can think of more that'll prefer him on his hands and knees, crying out in—"

"Enough!" snapped the older man. "Keep those comments to the Wing or your private chambers, Nicolas. Not all here wish to hear your vile tongue or perverted mind."


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