Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Nobody's Hero by Katey Hawthorne

Reviewed by Fehu
Nobody's Hero (Superpowered Love #3) by Katey Hawthorne
Novel: 344pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds. With his family, he's the golden child of awakened superpowered society. He's meant to do Great Things and pass on his powers -- with the appropriate girl, hand-picked by his mother.

He's already failed at the former, so he can't bring himself to tell her that the latter isn't happening, either.

With his friends, he's the social director and life of the party. He's also an out gay man with an appetite for the quick and easy lay. It's tough to have a relationship when you're hiding off-the-charts electrical powers, but Jamie doesn't mind.

Not until the prickly, paddy rocking, geeky-hot new guy at work shows him what he's been missing, anyhow. Kellan Shea's singular combination of dirty mouth and pure soul makes Jamie spark right from the beginning. To break through Kelly's defensive front and get to the gentle heart inside, Jamie will have to reconcile his split life: come to terms with his past, his family, his powers, even his nightmares.

Easier said than done, but if Jamie doesn't step up and own the truth, he could lose his love before it gets off the ground.

Short Review:
Book chemistry strikes again! Jamie is a flirt and somewhat of a slut, with paranormal abilities. It's also his abilities that make him very valuable as a match in an arranged marriage, on which his family keeps insisting. The problem is just that Jamie is gay and doesn't really want to marry his intended and that he has found a guy at work, an IT-nerd, whom he likes, Kellan. Of course no one in his family knows that Jamie is in fact gay and he is not planning to tell them anytime soon! When Kellan and Jamie meet for the first time sparks fly, but of course they have to work through some difficulties like Jamie having to tell Kellan about his powers and his family.

Nice story, but I didn't love it, since I couldn't really connect to the characters and get into the story fully. It was a bit predictable from the start and the paranormal elements were not all that much brought into play, which is a pity. It's the first book I've read by this author and apparently there were two before this one, so I might just miss some information needed to enjoy this one more. I loved Kellan's cats really cute!

Geek Level: Kellan and Jamie bond over comics and superheroes, Spiderman for one. When Jamie visits Kellan at his flat, there is a Spiderman poster and some application, so that's point one for geekiness, the glasses and the IT-job bring two points. Geekiness is not the major focus of this story, but it plays a role. So this one get's 3 points out of 5.

3.5 Pants Off

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