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Review: Taxes and TARDIS by N.R Walker

Reviewed by Fehu
Taxes and TARDIS by N.R Walker
Novella: 133pgs
4 Pants Off

This edition is no longer available

Brent Kelly is a laid-back tradesman whose only concerns are drinks with friends and which man to bed next. In need of a new accountant to sort out his nightmarish shoebox of tax receipts, he's referred to Logan Willis. He doesn't expect to be intrigued by the science fiction-loving, geeky guy with dark-rimmed glasses and a TARDIS-blue shirt. So his fascination with the soft-spoken Englishman surprises him, and their mutual attraction is completely unexpected. He most certainly never expects to fall in love. One a jock and the other a geek, both men know the differences between them are vast and could cause problems. But in this opposites-attract erotic drama, maybe it's the differences between them that make staying together worth the fight.

Fun read that hooked me from the start! One has to appreciate a guy that arrives to an accountant with a shoebox full of tax receipts. Logan was less appreciative then, since he had to work through that all, but I was grinning already and liked Logan's sense of humor and his taste of colour and hobbies! I mean if one is asked about a colour only a geek, who loves Doctor Who (which I approve!) would actually tell the not knowing public, that it's TARDIS blue. Now, not everyone knows what TARDIS means, and no I don't mean the scientific correct answer. You can imagine that Brent was struggling a bit with this answer.

Brent was a jock, who played football in college and usually goes for the muscle and not for glasses and nerdy looks and usually he isn't interested in relationships. Imagine his surprise when he meets the nerdy accountant, with a British accent and cannot stop himself from looking at him or behaving like an idiot, saying the first thing on his mind.

Don't worry even here Doctor Who saves the day! Brent researches Tardis and Doctor Who and actually has something to talk about with his cute accountant. I loved that they bond about Doctor Who and in the end there is even a keychain in the form of a Tardis, geeky, but totally cute!!! I really liked the first part; there was geekiness, some good lines and a budding romance. Then when they got together it dragged a bit, but the story picked up the tempo and worked out in the end. Since this one is one of the earlier works by this author, I'm looking forward to read more, the writing worked for me and I liked the main characters Brent and Logan a lot!

Geek Level: Geek score maximum 5 points Logan's first meeting with Brent doesn't go by without him mentioning Doctor Who and hey at least they had an interesting topic to talk to about! Then there were the time they watched the series together, really sweet! And the Doctor Who themed gifts, Brent has given Logan.  So yes, nerdy looking, with glasses, an accountant who loves Doctor Who and to read, makes for a perfect specimen for our geek week!

Should You Read It? Well if one likes m/m romance and Doctor Who then yes one must! Honestly it's sweet romantic story, that isn't focused on sex. I liked the references to the series and enjoyed reading it. Recommended!

4 Pants Off
Note: Taxes and TARDIS is not for sale at the moment but will be very soon. With a new publisher and cover art, all new and improved. So add it to your wishlist and get it once its be re-released...

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  1. I adored this story...still do. Anything to do with Dr. Who or Torchwood, I'm there. It's so cute and very sweet.


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