Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: The Counterfeit Clause by Cherie Noel

The Counterfeit Clause (Rescue Twinks #1) by Cherie Noel
Short Story: 62pgs
3 Pants Off

It's just an average day at the local mall's Christmas Village... there's an elf shortage, no manager in sight, and an unknown person hiding behind a big white beard. Still, everything is under control. Mostly. Sort of... until the klutziest elf of all slips onto the scene in slick bottomed, pointy-toed shoes... and slides right into the waiting arms of the Counterfeit Claus.

I found myself very confused by this short, could be I was having a very slow day if you count the amount of times I found myself confused. It could be the writing style or the pace of the story which is more in set up mode but there were many things I just couldn't get on board with.

Devon is about to play Santa, but only as a favour to his friend Michael who suddenly wound up very sick. He isn't looking forward to it, but a man has got to stick by his buddies and there's also the fact he could run into a certain sexy elf he once got a brief backside view of. So Devon is all primped and ready to face the day listening kids wanting gifts from Santa. His day goes from bad to worse when he finally meets Adrien (aka he knows how to wear those elf shorts) who is a walking disaster and with a few injuries under his belt. A slip causes Devon to come to his rescue and most likely have scarred a few children in the process. Seems Santa's village is a little less cheery today.

As I said, I got a little confused during certain parts. Like there's a whole hell of a connection between almost everyone in this story, and with name dropping I was all like "and who is that now?” The insta attraction between Devon and Adrien is hot as hell, but also left me a bit frowny. Like if Adrien's elf shorts are as obscene as it sounds, like why does no one get him a new pair? It seems that Adrien also knows a bit about Devon, which means people have been talking about him (behind is back) which gets me very frowny.

Despite my misgivings, I'm very interested in seeing where Devon and Adrien's new found lust goes. They managed to convince me of their chemistry, let’s see if they can completely pull me in book 2. Also, I am wondering if Devon will ever get to play the Santa he said he would. There's some pissed off parents and kids in the mall folks which is never a good thing. Cute story, but the execution is somewhat lacking yet I still wanna read more.

3 Pants Off

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