Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Intercession by Pepper Espinoza

Intercession by Pepper Espinoza
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 206pgs
4.5 Pants Off

After fifty years of searching for his lost brother, vampire David Derringer attempts the unimaginable: he bends his knee in prayer. While he doesn’t believe, his mother’s faith was strong, and her final request—a request made the night she and David died—keeps David on the path to his younger brother, Danny, despite the many obstacles.

David doesn’t expect his prayer to be answered. He certainly doesn’t expect an angel to intercede on his behalf.

Jophiel is tasked not only with helping David find his brother but with saving David’s soul. It seems like an impossible assignment meant to punish him, especially when they must face the Brotherhood of St. Rocco, an organization dedicated to eradicating vampires.

But David has a chance to prove he’s not like other vampires when he meets Arthur, a young man with a secret and a death wish. Following a very steamy encounter, Arthur expects to be bitten. David never even drops his fangs. Which is a good thing, since Arthur might be the key to finding Danny before it’s too late.

My very first time reading Pepper Espinoza, and I do solemnly swear that it will not be my last. At first Intercession started off a little slowly and honestly I wasn't all into it, but in no time it picked up and I was hooked. I am talking sexiness of epic proportions and my new fave hot as hell vampire. It should become a new rule: angels should always fall in love and have sex with vampires, makes perfect sense to me.

David is vampire tormented, tormented by the promise he made to his dying mom and years spent searching for a younger brother out of reach. Yet, he is willing to do anything and that anything finds him in a church praying to god that most likely will not answer his soulless prayers. It’s just his luck when a monk decides to ruin his one on one time with god and try to put a stake in his heart, but David is feeling generous and he lets the monk live. It’s just proof that god doesn't answer a killer's prayer and so finding his brother is something he has to do on his own, but time is running out and every day the trail gets colder and his brother Daniel gets older. He needs a bit of a miracle right now, so when a man appears in his car saying he's an angel sent on a mission of god David is having a hard time believing it but he's willing to take scraps.

Jophiel an angel of the Lord can't believe he got stuck helping a vampire, a soulless evil creature of Satan. How can god demand that he help something without a soul? But it might be a way for Jophiel to redeem himself so he has no choice but to help the vampire David. Being in David's company Jophiel is realizing that there is more to the vampire, and he isn't just bent on killing and causing mayhem. He has a conscience and his deep caring for a sibling long lost sets him apart from the rest. If only he wasn't so attractive, and a key player in all the things that Jo should never have or feel. But he will help him find his brother with all the angel power within him.

Throw in the human Arthur, and the story takes a turn of mayhem, betrayal, and sexy good times. Three men brought together under dire circumstances but form an unbreakable friendship. I can't call this one a ménage relationship though there is ménage sex, but anything beyond that hasn't been established yet. David is the glue keeping them together and without him Arthur and Jophiel relationship seems uncertain. There is some twists and turns, all leading to an explosive ending which isn't HEA or HFN it’s more like WTF. So I now pray for a sequel, and might possibly resort to begging for more David, Jophiel, and Arthur.

I am talking about Vampire/Angel smexing and it sets my pants on firs. The writing is engaging, witty, and just spot on I am going into Pepper's backlist because she has created a fan in me. Intercession is a story about hope and finding love when you least expect it. I don't want to give much away, but that ending...maaaaaaaan it’s like whoa!

Should You Read It? YES!!! A fave read of mine, and I wish I could delete it from my head just to experience the feels of reading it for the first time. Awesome read!!!

4.5 Pants Off

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