Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Storm Surge by Cait Miller

Storm Surge (The Sweet Spot Series) by Cait Miller
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3 Pants Off

Kelly Clarkson lives life just the way he wants. No one in L.A. looks twice when he wears a little eyeliner, paints his nails or tries a new colour in his hair. People expect that of a makeup artist and hair stylist. But when his life crashes down around him, Kelly has nowhere to go but Port Clef.


Adam Campbell is a loner, a man not to be trusted, a killer who escaped justice. At least, that's what the gossips say. Kelly, however, has never been one to bow to peer pressure. He sees something different in the eyes of this brooding stranger and knows it's inevitable.
A storm surge is coming.

Kelly Clarkson is moving back home to his small town after spending years away. His small town home of Port Clef isn't his fave destination, but life in L.A has fallen apart and he's just looking to spend some time with his mom. The things about small towns is that have small town mentality, and Kelly knows he's going to have to tone down all the things he did and wore freely in L.A.

His trip into Port Clef proves to be an adventure when a storm rolls in and Kelly's little car is ill-prepared for all the rain. A sexy stranger comes to his rescue and Kelly's getting red flags but...he might actually be blown away or something more disastrous might befall him. His rescuer turns out to be Adam and judging by his mood and the fact that he lives in the forest alone away from everyone Kelly should appreciate his kindness. Kelly finds that he is drawn to Adam who has this dangerous edge to him, and though he tries real hard to be a bastard Kelly knows there is more that meets the eye. There is something dark in Adam's past and Kelly wants to be the one that heals him.

For the most part, I liked the story and found it to be very cute. I loved that Kelly was this flamboyant outgoing character, and that Adam had a back-story that was quite interesting. The story itself needed to be a bit tighter and use a little more editing. The ending is what peeved me the most, because it...just ended. Yes, the overall story provided a foundation to make it an acceptable ending, but for me it just didn't work. Adam finally shared his soul and it just ending makes his whole confession a little flat and it didn't get the respect I felt it deserved.

Overall, it’s a cute story with meddlesome chatterbox small town folks. I wouldn't mind reading more about this couple just to see where they are a few months after. Cute story!!

3 Pants Off

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