Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew J. Peters

Werecat: The Rearing (Book #1) by Andrew J. Peters
Vegabondage Press
Short Story: 69pgs
3.25 Pants Off

For Jacks Dowd, a college senior who feels ungrounded from his family and life in general, an alcohol and sex-infused weekend in Montréal sounds like a pretty good escape. His Spring Break binge takes a detour when he meets Benoit, an admiring drifter with startling green eyes. A hook-up turns into a day, two days, and then a full week in Benoit's hostel, making love and scarfing down take-out food. But at the end of the week, Benoit demands that Jacks make an impossible choice: stay with him forever, or go back to college and never see him again.

Jack Dowd is just looking to get away for bit. His relationship with his family is pretty much over and school is just stressing him out. When some friends decide to hit up Montreal during their break this looks like the perfect time for Jack to get some R&R. A weekend filled with sex and alcohol seems like the perfect escape. Yet being drunk makes Jack realize how truly alone he is and he brings on the pity party. He leaves his friends, is too drunk to know where the hell he's going and finds himself drunk as a skunk passed out in some ditch. Luckily a mysterious stranger comes to his rescue and though Jack is sceptical about his saviour Benoit he can't deny that pull.

Things get complicated when Jack finds himself leaving his whole life behind and though he hardly knows much of Benoit they belong together. That is until Benoit gifts him with the power to change into a cat (a gift that he didn't really ask for) and life gets all types of crazy. He has this new found power but he moves around in the shadows but all is well because he has Benoit. When the moment comes for him to make his first hunt, Jack realizes how much of mistake he's made and the man he thought he loved is no man and more the beast that he turns into.

First, this is great set up to a series. Poor ole shifter boy all alone and needs to find others like him. He has the back story of having a crazy ass maker and it’s pretty much intriguing. Yet the story is a little all over the place, and the delivery could have been tighter. I did like the flashbacks which I felt showed the evolution of crazy when it came to Benoit and the whole "what is and what was" feel. I am interested to see where the story goes and if Jack ever finds a home or someone to love.

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