Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Danse Macabre by Janette

Reviewed by Fehu
Danse Macabre (Proud to be a Vampire) by Janette
Less Than 3 Press
Short Story
2 Pants Off

Angelo is the right hand problem solver for Broodmaster Ardoin Baptiste. He loves the hunt and thrives on the kill. Ordered to get rid of someone making Ardoin's life difficult, he finds that the job is nowhere near as simple as it should be—and just how deadly a weapon love can be.

Well this one gets points for hot sex scenes.

The first meeting with Angelo and he is already having sex with his master vampire. Said sex is a bit of dub-con and sound a bit painful, what with happening without lube or preparation, but it is all explained away, as Angelo being a vampire and not feeling thing the same way as humans.

Someone has been encroaching on Ardoin's territory and he sends Angelo to find out who it was and how it was done. Angelo finds a normal human is behind it, but he has someone in his employment, with some highly unusual paranormal abilities. Of course Angelo's boss want said paranormal individual and Angelo has to make him come to the fold.

The whole story is very focused on sex, violent sex and I know this is not everyone taste. Personally I would have not minded the sex, but sometimes the scenes felt pointless and I was just confused about what the whole story was about. I didn't feel the love or a lot of tender emotions in this story, to go with the violent sex, so that did detract from my enjoyment of this particular story. 

I like romance and this one just didn't have enough of romance to make me care. The characters were not likable, they murdered without a conscience and there was mention of statuary rape at least, in one of the characters past and said character was still attached to the guy who used him like that as a child. I would have felt sorry for him if he was not a ruthless killer without any remorse for his victims. So yes, while the story was a bit confusing and a lot about some power play, the characters didn't have anything I could have liked about them, which made me uninterested in the story they had to tell and honestly with all the sex, they were not exactly about witty dialogs.

2 Pants Off

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