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Review: The Gospel According to Cher by S.A Garcia

Reviewed by Whuppsy
The Gospel According to Cher by S.A Garcia
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 314pgs
4 Pants Off

Hindy Nardella, gallery owner and tidy leather diva, isn’t sure about love anymore. His most-recent ex-lover said “sayonara” and headed for Japan despite a week of Hindy begging him to stay. The man before that bid Hindy “namaste” before heading for Nepal seeking salvation. Hindy will accept advice from anywhere, even a tacky Cupid music box which only plays Cher's "Believe," and vivid dreams that compel him to leave NYC and head for the Adirondacks.

Cupid leads Hindy straight to a leather bar in the mountains and an exotic drag queen named Patrice O'Malley. For Patrice, who’s near-perfect beauty belies his lack of confidence, it's lust at first sight, but Hindy has doubts born of his recent run of bad luck in romance. But when Patrice saves Hindy from death by a falling chunk of airplane blue ice, Cupid slams into Hindy's heart, and Hindy begins to believe in miracles again. Dangers and challenges arise, involving, among other things, crazy ex-lovers, rampaging mosquitoes, and a phantom moose. But life together awaits back in NYC, if they can survive, trust in each other, and believe in life after love.

This wonderful story starts with Hindy having one heck of a day.  He’s verbally and physically assaulted, his nose broken AND he finds out that his lover of nine months, Tim is leaving him for a job offer in Japan.  After he’s been acting weird for the last couple of weeks and Hindy thinks that he’s having an affair, he finds out while he’s hurt that he was really doing long, intensive interviews for this job.  Hindy’s boyfriend prior to this one leaves him for Nepal.  Hindy just can’t seem to win in this game called love.

When all is said and done, Hindy decides that he needs to get away from home with all of these issues and problems coming at him from all sides.  The day that Hindy was assaulted, he saw this shop that had this Cupid music box and Hindy decides that he needs a mascot for his trip.  He buys the Cupid and he’s off and running to upstate New York.

With his trusty Cupid, his Jaguar named Esmeralda, hits the road and is set for an adventure in the Adirondacks.  Once there he meets this drag queen/waiter named Patrice O’Malley.  Cupid’s arrow flies straight at these two.

Patrice’s latest lover has pulled a fast and loose one with his heart.  Laughing at him and telling him he was nothing but a good time when Patrice told him of his desire to go home to Canada with him.  He is just the latest in a line of boyfriends who have hurt his heart.

Hindy and Patrice’s relationship kind of speeds along at warp speed over the two weeks that Hindy in in the “Dacks”.  But in the two weeks that that they spend together what started off as something fun became something more fulfilling than either of them thought would occur.  There were some misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but they actually talked about things and worked them out.  Which as you know, doesn’t always happen in books.

There is at least one person who really doesn’t want things to work out between Patrice and Hindy and its Patrice’s crazy stalker ex from Florida.  Hindy’s Nepal ex, Gaston makes his reappearance when our intrepid boys return to New York City, but overall, he actually apologizes to Hindy and wants to stay on in the business.  Nothing more.  I actually liked that about him.

There is some heartache, but there is much more laughter, love and acceptance in this book.  Acceptance in yourself and acceptance in others, but most importantly acceptance in love.  This book was such a great read and I really want to read the first story as the characters are in this book as Hindy’s friends.  They always had his back regarding whatever was going on.  True Blue friends.

This book will make you laugh and it will make you think. Which in my opinion, is the very best that a book can give you.  We all want Cupid to come and shoot us with his amazing arrow of Love.  In this book, you get it with Patrice and Hindy.

4 Pants Off

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