Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review: Love's Nest by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Love's Nest (Tempting Tales #3) by Leta Blake and Keira Andrews
Ellora's Cave
Novel: 161pgs
2 Pants Off

There’s no greater mystery in the kingdom than how Prince Mateo’s sisters wear out their shoes each night while locked away in their chambers. Using old magic, Mateo discovers their secret and follows them through a portal to an enchanted world of fairies and lusty delights.

Ópalo has waited years for his male human, and he knows Mateo is his destiny. Mateo soon succumbs to the pleasures of the flesh, but as their worlds collide, Ópalo has to risk everything to win his man forever.

Prince Mateo is the youngest of twelve children (twelve!!!) and the only son of The King. There is a mystery afoot, what oh what can his 11 sisters be doing at night that their slippers are ruined? Mateo’s father has decided to find out and he’s not against using his children as a reward. ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!! Mateo included!! Mateo’s not going to stand for this, as he wants the right to live his own life, not the life that someone else requires of him.

Mateo takes it upon himself to find out what’s going on and with the help of his former maid and a magical cloak, he’s off to see what his sister’s are up too. He follows them through a portal into the land of Fairy. The same land of fairy that they heard about as children, there he sees his sisters fall into the arms of their mates. As he watches he sees another someone there alone, Opalo. Opalo takes Mateo with him across the lake and shows him the life that his sisters are so taken with.

Opalo has been waiting for years for his “bride”. The one for whom he was created to be with. He knows the moment that he sees Mateo that his wishes have come true. That this handsome man is the one!! Opalo helps Mateo to see the wonder of being in Fairy. He also shows Mateo something that Mateo has never had…Passion! Opalo teaches Mateo all about the sensual delights of the flesh. But the one thing that he requires, more than anything is Mateo’s heart, his love.

Yet, there here is the crux of the problem…Mateo refuses to fall in love. He’s seen the devastation that happens when you love and lose the one you love. He’s watched his Father become heartbroken and grief-stricken with the loss of his wife. That is something that Mateo wants to avoid at all costs.

Now this is a sweet, story. No real angst or mystery. This is just a sweet, tender love story. If you have a hankering for a story that will leave you feeling sweetly gooey, this is the story for you.

2 Pants Off

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