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Review: A Package Deal by Mia Kerick

Reviewed by Whuppsy
A Package Deal by Mia Kerick
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 260pgs
4 Pants Off

Robby Dalton is the perfect all-American boy. He played the sports his father chose for him in high school, attended the college his father selected, and has worked hard to conform to his father's macho views. But emotionally he doesn’t fit anywhere, and he can’t connect with a woman beyond a few uninspired dates. Robby’s not in the closet, because he’s never guessed he’s gay. Now he owns a small commercial construction company, and one night after work he runs into Savannah Meyers. He finds her fascinating and agrees to a date, thinking maybe this woman would be different.

But Savannah has her own agenda. She is looking for a love match for her roommate, Tristan Chartrand, whom she rescued from the streets years ago. He’s like a brother, and her only family, so she wants him safe and happy. Her plan seems to begin well, because when Robby meets Tristan, he’s surprised to find it’s Tristan he wants, not Savannah. But some people in Robby’s life don’t approve of Tristan’s lowly station in life, and some don’t approve of Robby being gay. Some people are full of hate and violence, and Robby and Tristan will need courage and strength if a loving future is to be part of the deal.

This is the story of two men, Robby Dalton and Tristan Chartrand and one woman, Savannah Meyers who brings them all together.  Robby who has had a pretty apathetic attitude regarding dating in the past and yet he keeps trying.   This is the story of how his life is forever changed.

Now Robby grew up with a very domineering father who never once gave Robby what he’s always wanted, his approval.  His father has steered his life the way that he felt that it should be run, never what would make Robby happy.  Robby has grown up allowing his father to have that kind of power over his own feelings about himself and what his life should be.  Now, that being said, Robby also has this friend, Mike, who he allows to walk all over him as well.  It’s almost the very same way he allows his father to walk all over him.

Tristan is this heartbreakingly beautiful character who you will just fall in love with.  His life is this sad, horrible existence.  Abused, homeless and at times a male prostitute anything in order to survive his life on the streets.  Tristan survived for nearly ten years on the streets and he didn’t come away from the experience whole.  He has nightmares about the things that he’s suffered in the past.   He survived, and yet even with that horrible past, he’s this amazing natural sweetness to him.  He is almost childlike in his enthusiasm to learn new things and experience the better things in life.  He now has an apartment with Savannah and a good job as a waiter. He is content with his life and the way that it is.

Savannah ran away from home when she was 13 years old.  She met Tristan after she’d been on the streets a short while before she met Tristan.  One of the first flashbacks that is shown from Savannah’s POV is Tristan taking a gang-rape in her place.  He did it to protect her and protect her he did.  After that horrible experience, Tristan takes her to this Outreach Place for homeless teens.  She gets off of the streets and makes a vow to herself to find Tristan again and save him the way he saved her.  Savannah kept her word, she grew up and started going to college and found him working in the diner for a place to stay.  She got him cleaned up and in better shape in order to make something of himself.  The two of them create this Family.

Robby sees Savannah at a diner that he frequents and she’s this beautiful young woman.  He’s taken by her looks and asks her out.  Savannah agrees and Robbie is thinking maybe his luck has changed.  They meet for their date and as they are getting to know each other, in walk Tristan.  Robby is taken aback by his reaction to this man.  Tristan is possibly the most beautiful thing that Robbie has ever seen.

What Robby and Tristan don’t know is that Savannah has a plan, she wants to expand their Family, but it has to be the right person.  She is vetting Robby and thinks that he’s the perfect person to join them.  Savannah wants so very much to help others who are in the situation that she and Tristan found themselves in.  However, in order to do that, she knows that she will have to leave Tristan.  This is where Robby comes in.  He’ll be the person who will take care of Tristan while she’s out helping others and finding herself in the process.

Savannah helps Tristan and Robby meet and get to know each other, slowly pushing them towards one another.  Robby is taken with both of them, but more so, Tristan.  As Robby and Tristan get to know each other and as time goes on they realize that they are falling for each other.  This is part of Savannah’s overall plan to get Robby and Tristan together and to faze herself out of the romantic portion of their relationship.

Mike, Robby’s best friend finds many numerous ways to try and come between Robby and Tristan and Savannah.  He beats up on Tristan.  Goes behind Robby’s back and tattles to his father regarding his relationship with Savannah and in part with Tristan.  He’s that stereotypical macho jerk.  I hated him, however, he was always allowed to treat Robby the way he wanted and Robby never stood up for himself with Mike, so I get why Mike is having a hard time letting go of his friend, or as I like to refer to Robby’s relationship with Mike, his whipping boy.

I also HATED (and yes I meant every capital letter in that word) how Robby let everyone walk all over him.  How he never stood up for himself and most of all NEVER stood up for his relationship with Savannah and Tristan.  They deserved that and so much more.  I had to put the book down a couple of times and curse Robby out.  Then calm myself down in order to continue reading.  I wanted to smack him multiple times throughout this book.

Tristan, on the other hand-I truly LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Him!!  I loved watching him grow and become more confident.  How he had this childlike wonder and how he fell for Robby, was way beyond sweet to me.  I swear, you will just want to hug him and protect him from anything that could possibly hurt him.

Overall, I really adored this book.  I found it quite enjoyable, aside from not really respecting and wanting to smack Robby throughout most of the book. You will see how you can be broken and put back together again. You will never the same, but different and just maybe even better.  You will see that you can create your very own family and truly love and take care of each other.

I will say that this book is far more an emotional read than a sexy one.  There was a tiny bit of sex towards the end, but it really worked in this book.  The sexy wasn’t the steamy kind, just pretty loving and not erotic.  If that’s what you’re looking for, this is not the book for you.  This book has just so much.  There is abuse, some sexual that was off pages in a flashback and yet there was the promise of so much more.  Happiness, love, hope and most of all FAMILY!!  Those of blood and those we create.

4 Pants Off

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