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Review: September's Tide by K.C Wells

Reviewed by Fehu
September's Tide (Island Tales #2) by K.C Wells
Island Tales Press
Novella: 146pgs
4 Pants Off

David Hannon hasn’t written a word of his latest detective thriller since he threw out his lover Clark five months ago after he caught Clark cheating on him. So when his agent informs him that he’s about to leave New York to take a little trip to an island off the south coast of England, David is torn. It could be just what he needs—or the vacation from hell. Once he arrives there, David quickly falls in love with the beautiful, tranquil Steephill Cove. The quiet little bay has everything David needs, including the opportunity to get laid regularly, in the gorgeous shape of Taylor Monroe, who runs a water sports equipment hire business. David’s a happy man. He always writes better when there is a plentiful supply of good sex.

When Taylor first meets the Lighthouse’s newest occupant, he can almost hear the click. David is just what Taylor needs—an older, sexy guy who is willing to share his bed, no strings, no promises. At least, that was the plan. As the two men spend more time together, Taylor finds himself growing to like the confident writer more and more. Taylor’s family like him. Taylor’s friends like him. And then there comes the moment when Taylor realizes that maybe it’s no longer a matter of liking David, but something a whole lot stronger.

Unfortunately, his epiphany occurs a little too late, when a visitor to the bay forces Taylor to accept that David might be spoken for. In any case, David is leaving at the end of September—and it looks like he’ll be taking Taylor’s heart with him…

A new author and a story to remember the summer in October with all the rain, I wanted at least to read about some nice Island Tales. Granted, Britain is not exactly known for its nice weather, but the cover looked promising and the summary intrigued me.

David is a writer, who has come home and discovered his lover of a few years in bed with another. Not exactly a trope, but it did not fail to get David my sympathy. Good thing David was a successful author and his agent liked him enough to send him on vacation, to make him come out of his depression over his ex-lovers behaviour. His friends conveniently decided that after a break up, you should throw salt in the wound and tell the poor guy, how his lover was only interested in him because of his money. NOW they tell him that, oh and he supposedly had cheated on David before, again they tell him that after years. Why he had such nice friends, I've no idea.

The island get away proved to be just what David needed for his career and for his love live. It's cute how one of the few gay guys on the island set his sight on David and it turned out to me more than a holiday fling after all. Taylor had good friends, who were worried about him and warning David of, if he didn't mean to keep his promises to Taylor, to stay in contact. Now that I call good friends!

David and Taylor's romance has developed slowly, while the fell in bed pretty soon, they were not talking about love at the same time. I liked how David got to meet Taylor's friends and family, so the whole story did not focus solely on those two characters. There was a good constructed world around them.

This was a nice, easy read, good for a beach or if you want to catch the summer feeling. It's mostly a light read, not a lot of drama and all misunderstandings are cleared of pretty fast. Throw in a bit of humor and a great atmosphere and you have a good companion for a journey.

Should You Read It? If you are looking for a light romance with some humor and don’t mind May/December, David is older than Taylor like a bit more than over 10 years older. You don't need to read the first book in this series; this one can be read as a stand-alone.

4 Pants Off

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