Sunday, November 3, 2013

What's Happening This Week!!

Hey folks, its me again and yes its been quite awhile. Since POR has picked up in reviewing power get ready for more reviews, posts, and overall awesome :D I hope you all are doing well, and enjoyed Halloween candy cus I know I certainly am (stealing my boys candy).

I can`t believe the holidays are upon and I feel like I haven't done nearly enough reading for 2013 for 2014 to be creeping up so quickly, where does the time go?

Without further ado, here's whats causing a pants losing this week...


  • Junk by Josephine Myles (DarienMoya)
  • Bloody Love Spats by Valentina Heart (SinChan)
  • Making it Personal by K.C Wells (Whuppsy)
  • September's Tide by K.C Wells (Fehu)
  • Black Hurricane by Erica Pike (DarienMoya)
  • Drinker Class X by Sasha L. Miller (SinChan)
  • Bullheaded by Catt Ford (DarienMoya)
  • Absinthe by Julia Talbot (SinChan)
  • A Secret Love by Douglas Black (Whuppsy)

Guest Post & Giveaways

None scheduled for this week!!

Have A Great Week!!!

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