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Review: Serendipity Kit by Connie Bailey

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Serendipity Kit by Connie Bailey
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 212pgs
4 Pants Off

Christopher "Kit" Britten drifts through life, partying with friends and spending his parents’ money. He hasn’t told them he’s gay, but he’s told all of his five sisters, and to keep from being harassed about responsibility, he works part-time for one of them. When she sends him on an errand and his shiny red Ferrari breaks down in one of Houston's seediest locals, he pushes it to the nearest garage. That's where he meets Romy O'Keefe.

Romy works hard as a mechanic to provide for his mother and little brother. When Kit pushes his to-die-for Ferrari into Romy’s garage, Romy is wary of falling for gorgeous Kit despite instant attraction. Kit impulsively decides to prove how serious he is about Romy by coming out to his parents—and his father disowns him!

Uptown and downtown clash as the two men share the tiny space in Romy’s Airstream trailer and struggle to make ends meet. When Kit’s former boyfriend comes sniffing around, and Romy gets the bill for his little brother’s surgery, it drives home to him how very different his world is from Kit’s. However, Kit is in love with the velvet-voiced Romy, and he isn’t about to give up.

This sweet, tender story is about Jerome “Romy” O’Keefe and Christopher “Kit” Britten. Their story begins with Kit pushing his car to Romy’s garage. They each are attracted to the other; however, Romy thinks that someone like Kit could never be interested in a guy like him. Kit is tired of his party-boy ways and just wants someone of his own.

Romy is the oldest of 2 children. He helps support his momma and his little brother, Cardo. He’s been the man of the house since his father took off when he was 10 yrs old. He took care of his little brother and when he was able, he started doing any job that he could in order to help support his family. He started working at a garage and he saved his money until he could afford to buy the garage. He lives in a small trailer behind the garage in order to save as much money as possible. He’s not getting a lot of business because a couple of guys in the neighbourhood let it be known that he’s gay. But he still is doing ok.

Sweet Kit is the youngest sibling of six children. SIX kids!!! To add insult to injury, he’s the only boy. However to say that he’s spoiled wouldn’t be a lie. He’s out to his sisters and his friends, just not to his parents. He’s waiting on the Right Guy. He’s been partying it up for the last two years as the guy that he was dating left him. Not only did he ditch Kit, he got married. To A GIRL and moved to Japan for work. Sigh. So Kit decided that he wasn’t going to do love again. That is until he meets Romy. The only sticking point in his life is telling his parents. He is scared of how they will react and he has good reason to.

Somehow, Kit and Romy make things work out between the two of them. They fit so well together. They get each other. They don’t let miscommunication go between them. They actually talk to each other and figure things out between the two of them. They seem to be heading for the happily ever after. The only thing standing in the way of their HEA is Kit’s parents not knowing. So….Kit and Romy are having dinner with Kit’s family and Kit blurts out the truth. To say that his father was not happy would be an understatement. Kit’s father disowns him. Not only that, he kicks him out of his apartment.

Kit moves in with Romy into his trailer and they make a start on building their lives together. They realize that the trailer is too small for them, so they get an apartment together and Kit even gets a part-time job. Romy gets another job fixing limos to support their family.

This is a really sweet story. I found that I really liked the characters and I loved their friends and family. They got the support that they needed and wanted from those that they loved and cared about. I am recommending this book for anyone who likes a wonderful story filled with love and tenderness and just a bit of angst. Wonderful characters and the story flowed so smoothly. I enjoyed every moment of this book. I’m sure you will too.

4 Pants Off

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