Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Cinnamon and Seduction by Ari McKay

Reviewed by Fehu
Cinnamon and Seduction (Recipe for Romance #4) by Ari McKay
Torquere Press
Novella: 138pgs
3.75 Pants Off

After the success of his two Gourmet Network specials, outspoken Executive Chef Stephen Pierce is offered a sweetheart deal for his own regular show. Everyone believes Stephen has a lot of self-confidence, but he is aware of his own shortcomings and refuses to sign on unless his loyal PA, Robert Logan, agrees to stay with him. Stephen knows Robert is the one person who can keep him in line, but Stephen has always hidden his more personal interest, fearing that if he knew, Robert would be disgusted and leave him.

Robert has been in love with his boss for almost six years, but he’s begun to believe Stephen will never see him as more than an efficient assistant. Resigning himself to never having the man he truly wants, Robert begins to date other men, hoping that one of them will strike the same sparks for him that Stephen does without even knowing it.

Can the efforts of their friends finally get Stephen and Robert together, or will Stephen’s hidden insecurities keep them apart forever?

Sweet, with some sprinkles of drama and some well meant meddling.

Robert was in love with his chef, the eccentric Executive Chef Stephen of a popular restaurant for years. He has helped his friends and coworkers to find their love and now wants someone special for himself. Stephen has quite a temper, but Robert can always calm him down and he doesn't want to do anything, which might compromise their relationship, even if that means giving up on the chance to be part of a network cooking show.

Stephen is not quite oblivious as all assume, but he is lot less secure in his own self worth and ability to attract Robert. He doesn't know if he wants to do the show, especially when he sees that his brother would take his partner with him, but it could mean Stephen might lose the only person he loves.

It's a sweet story, but I felt like I missed a lot of things since this was the first book, I've read. Robert is hired and then it's a fast forward to 6 years later. A lot of his feelings were a bit hard to believe because of it, since a good chunk of Stephen and Robert's interaction happened it that 6 year span, we as reader are told about, but are not shown. Same thing with Robert's dates, only 2 were shown, the reader was told about the other. The story is well written and it might be better if you read all the books and not just one out of context. I wanted to know how the other guys got together and who the partners were, that were mentioned.

A lot of the drama was about nothing, since Stephen and Robert both liked each other and was just too afraid or unsure of each other, but actually the interest was there on both sides and it was more waiting for one of them to make a move and tell the other. While you can read this one as a stand-alone, I think it's better to read the other books, since Robert had an important role of bringing the others couples together and at least in Ian's story there is more about him and Stephen.

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