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RainbowCon Guest Post & Giveaway: An Introvert Writer's First Con by Sara Alva

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An Introvert Writer’s First Con

This past summer, when I was still in my first year of published authordom, I happened across a Facebook post advertising RainbowCon. Floating on the high of recent and upcoming book releases, I thought the con would be an amazing opportunity to meet other authors, interact with readers, and basically just absorb all I could about this new career I’d stumbled into.

Fast forward several more grounded-in-reality months and I’m still really excited for the learning opportunities, but I’ll admit some anxieties have started to creep in.

I like the anonymity of the Internet. Given the choice, I often prefer to be that hidden-from-view observer…and perhaps that is one of the reasons I write, as there too I am behind the scenes, quietly watching (and controlling, because yeah, I like to have some power) a story of unfold. Years of people-watching have probably helped me become a better writer, but they won’t be of much benefit when I’m supposed to be an actor in my own life story.

Why then did I sign up for something that sounds like a particularly tailored brand of torture for me? Well, one answer would be that I’m a spaz, and I jumped into it with a monetary commitment before thinking. But another would be that I’m aware of my social shortcomings and realize that at times I have to force myself into new situations, or else I’ll never grow. And growth is something that is very important to me, both as a person and as an author. From the career standpoint, engaging with other writers, discussing our work, meeting readers and hearing what they like and don’t like—all of it has the potential to help me develop as an author. From a personal standpoint, I’ll most likely be a happier and less stressed out individual if I can get over my fears of interacting with a room full of strangers.

That’s why I’m soldiering on. I won’t say there aren’t going to be a few more bumpy moments ahead—I did consider starting a bonfire in my backyard with my swag when I saw how large my name appeared on them (who wants my name on a bag? Ick.)—but I’m willing to push through those momentary freak-outs. Or I have to, now, because I just booked my flight last night, and I categorically refuse to waste money.

So if you happen to be attending the con and come across me, please don’t let me hide behind any potted ferns. I promise I won’t be doing any hard-sells (I’m barely comfortable self-promoting from behind the safety of a computer screen) and I’d honestly just like to learn everything I possibly can about writing in the genre…and about being an occasionally social human being.


To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment below with email. One winner will receive an ebook copy of Silent. Winner will be selected on April 3rd.

Silent by Sara Alva

Alex’s life as a teenager in South Central LA is far from perfect, but it’s his life, and he knows how to live it. He knows what role to play and what things to keep to himself. He’s got it all under control, until one lousy pair of shoes kicks him out of his world and lands him in a foster care group home.

Surrounded by strangers and trapped in a life where he could never belong, Alex turns to the only person lower on the social ladder than he is: a “special” mute boy. In Sebastian, Alex finds a safe place to store his secrets—those that sent him to foster care, and the deeper one that sets him apart from the other teenagers he knows. But Sebastian has secrets of his own, and when tragedy rips the two boys apart, Alex will stop at nothing to find the answers—even if it means dragging them both through a past full of wounds best left buried.

It might just be worth it, for the slim chance at love.

Available From: Amazon | ARe | Barnes&Noble

About Sara:

Sara Alva is a former small-town girl currently living in big-city LA with a husband, two cats, and an avocado tree. She recently discovered—after a year in her house—that she also has a fig tree in her backyard, which might mean she needs to get out more. But sometimes the stories waiting to be told demand more attention, and when she puts fingers to keyboard, it’s usually to write about
journeys of self-discovery, heartache, personal growth, friendship and love. When she isn’t writing, she’s teaching or dancing. For more information, free short stories and news on upcoming releases, visit Sara’s website at

Connect with Sara:

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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