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Review: No Such Thing by AM Arthur

No Such Thing by A.M Arthur
Carina Press
Novel: 221pgs
4 Pants Off

Twenty-two-year-old Alessandro Silva knows that returning to tiny Perch Creek to help his foster mother was the right thing to do. With no degree and a delinquent's reputation, he's lucky to have landed a job waiting tables. But not everyone is happy he's back, and the only thing keeping his move home from being a total bust is his boss's hot brother.

Jaime Winters spent most of his life watching the world go by, first from a series of hospitals and then from behind big stacks of textbooks. Studying is easier than facing the fact that years of heart failure means he's still a virgin at twenty-three. Until the new waiter in his sister's diner awakens desires he'd long ago given up on.

The last thing Alessandro wants is to fall for someone as fragile as Jaime. And Jaime may have a new heart, but he's scared of what giving it to another person would mean. Their no-strings-attached, instructional approach to sex keeps emotion safely at bay, until a secret from Alessandro's past forces them to confront their feelings in the present...

Alessandro Silva is moving back to the small town where he grew up with his foster parents. With the death of his foster dad, he decides to move back home to help out his mom and foster siblings. He doesn't look forward to moving back but he's grateful for what his parents did for him and he wants to give back. The downside will be to find a job when he's got a record, and what it means to be gay in a small town that remembers how much of a little shit he was when he was younger. Finding a job proves to be easy and that’s one problem crossed off the list, but his new job comes with the boss's brother and Jaime is just too sweet to resist. Ale doesn't do love but he sure would like to do Jaime, no strings attached of course.

Jaime is finally in great health after spending most of his life in a hospital. With a new heart he can start living and maybe find a boyfriend. When he see's Ale for the first time, he's exactly what he wants but Jaime fears that his inexperience might be somewhat of turnoff for the worldly looking Ale and Jaime prefers not to find out. Yet, the attraction between them cannot be denied and Ale teaches Jaime a few things and captures his heart in the process.

Alright, of course this book has to have the small-town assholes and something shifty from Ale's past and that’s what I could have done without. I just can't get on board with a villain that’s barely out of diapers. I was literally waiting for Ale to wait for his ass in a dark corner because just all the nopes. The book was so enjoyable without all that bully rich boy runs town thing (been there and read that).

What I liked most was the progression of Ale and Jaime's relationship. They were so super sweet and really touched me in the feels. Another plus is the positive portrayal of a foster home. I can't tell you how many times I've read the downers like it’s always a bad thing to be a foster which in all reality is plausible. So it was great to read about this great guy who was taken in by great parents and he's just trying to pass on that love that he learnt from a foster home (sea breeze refreshing). Also, the four way was made in hot heaven and my pants are gone. It was just incredibly sexy.

And lastly, the epic downer for me. Ale is Brazilian but I'm positive that’s two white dudes on the cover, and while some Brazilians do look white coming from Ale's description he was a brown guy, tan guy, wateva his complexion was darker than Jaime's. So all the nopes for that cover, really didn't do a good job of representing both characters.

Overall, really liked the story and I will most definitely read more from AM Arthur. No Such Thing was really enjoyable and Jaime and Ale were just so super cute.

4 Pants Off

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