Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: The Boy Next Door by Taylor Foxx

The Boy Next Door by Taylor Foxx
Novel: 204pgs
4 Pants Off

When the Roths move in next door, Lyle is immediately enamored by the three guys in the family: Jacob Roth, the handsome father; Kevin Roth, the rambunctious older brother; and Marcus Roth, a wild and friendly boy his own age.

As Lyle grows up, his relationship with the three men changes drastically. Each member of the Roth family teaches Lyle a new lesson about love - both carnal and romantic. While navigating the difficult waters of gay teenage life in small-town New England, Lyle must learn to balance his relentless libido with his confused heart.

Lyle is a young boy when the Roth family moves in next door. A family of three all made up of men, a boy his age, another older, and the father. He never expected how important the Roth men would become in his life, and as his age changed and he became older his relationship with the men changed right along with it. Lyle is like any other horny teenaged, but his sexual experience gets to another level when he starts to keep it all in the family.

Kevin Roth the older brother to his best-friend teaches him to suck cock for the first time which begins a sort of deal for them. He gets to suck him off and live a fantasy knowing exactly that nothing more will come of it, and when it ends it will be no hard feelings (although it hurts Lyle just a little). When summer rolls around and he's alone without his favorite Roth, his best-friend Marcus Lyle comes up with the crazy idea to sink his hooks into the father and thus begins his summer of love. While guilt plagues both men as they feel they're betraying Marcus their passion is lava hot and Lyle is a seriously horny boy but of course nothing good will come from sleeping with the father of your closest friend.

When Marcus returns from vacation with a boyfriend, Lyle can’t help but feeling a bit betrayed, and with Kevin bringing home his girl and his summer of love at an end Lyle is feeling a bit bitter. So of course he becomes an asshole and spill all the beans over a family dinner and leaves shit all types of awkward. Again, he finds himself alone and possibly without the men that were a deep part of his life. If only he had kept his dick in his pants.

First, I really like this book and the authors writing. I'm all about reading new things and this book didn't bother me in the slightest, while the content won’t be for everyone I surely liked it. You need to know that Lyle sleeps with that entire family and so at the end I can't take him seriously, but in the end I feel like Kevin and Jacob used him and Lyle was just too foolish to see. I don’t know how they'll cope with Christmas dinners cus shit will be weird as hell. The ending I feel was a bit over the top and crazy weird, and while I understand wanting to see something for yourself, that scene was just on a different level (talk about keeping it in the family).

Overall, really enjoyed it and recommend to those who want to read something fun and aren’t easily bothered. If you're like me and don't get shocked easily then this book might be up your ally. I look forward to reading more from Taylor Foxx and am so glad I took the chance and read this book definitely made my fave of 2014 list.

4 Pants Off


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