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Review & Giveaway: Forever Fearless by Jeff Erno

Forever Fearless (Forever Vampire #2) by Jeff Erno
Ai Press
Novel: 215pgs
3.75 Pants Off

The Forever Vampire saga continues…
In the aftermath of unspeakable slaughter, Robbie and Colt have escaped to the wilds of Alaska to face their immortal future. Things aren't so certain for their mortal enemies, Dylan and Issa, Matarian soldiers sworn to hunt them down and slaughter them.

Dylan is poised to begin his first vampire hunt and wants Issa as his partner, but Issa is far more concerned with finding his brother and tracking down the blond boy who nearly died on the battlefield. The entire cast from book one reunites in this thrilling continuation of their story, joined by a host of new faces--friends and foes--whose lives somehow weave together as they cross paths in their efforts to battle evil and attain their own happiness. Humans, Shifters, Daywalkers, and Purebloods confront each other with the guidance of three enigmatic sisters--one a Maenad, one a necromancer, and the other a human witch. Plot twists and surprises mark the paths of these diverse characters, forever fearless in their quest to cling to all they hold dear.

I really liked the first book in this series, so I was very much excited for the second book cus the ending of the first book ripped my heart and I was like all the nopes. While the first book was so exciting and kept me engrossed the second dragged in a few parts and with a lot of characters getting some page time, this one really didn’t hit on my feels level.

This second book picks up right where the first left off, with Brendan and Richard dead and an all out war between vamps, wolves, and human seems imminent.  Robbie and Colt have to begin anew and Robbie a fresh new vampire, things are both good and bad. Colt has lost his father Richard and now he has to navigate life without his supports in place. Yet, having Robbie with him is making eternal life so much easier.

For others, their life is all about danger. Dylan and Issa are vampire hunters but with what Issa has seen he’s wondering if they aren’t just killing innocents. All he’s know about vampires being evil and soulless has been crushed because he’s see the love and caring they have for each other and there is just no way could things that are evil could love. He has to reconsider everything, and run from a Master vamp who is hell bent on making him a slave.

Throw in other POVs and just a train ride of events, and you have really nice adventure vampire story. While it does feel very all over the place, the characters are likeable and if you’re are a fan of the first then you most defi would want to read this one. Honestly, while I was expecting more I still liked the story and I am very much intrigued for a third book.

Overall, Forever Fearless is a fun read with young and interesting characters. I think a little tightening of the storyline would have done this book good, and filler characters could have been done without. Yet, I still liked and am looking forward to the third book (if there is a third book?). I say this every time, but I am such a fan of Jeff Erno I have yet to seriously dislike any of his books.

Review: Book #1 Forever Young



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  1. I really enjoyed the first book and I'm so looking forward to reading book two. Please count me in.

  2. Thanks so much for the review!

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  3. Great review & giveaway!

  4. Sounds very intriguing. I will need to get Book 1 first.
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  5. Nice review

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  6. I don't usually read vampire stories but I made it a goal to pick up more of these types of stories in 2014. This sounds like an interesting series. Adding it to my wishlist. Thanks for the review and giveaway =)

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  7. I haven't read this series, but it sounds like something I could very much enjoy. The broad cast can be alot of fun!


  8. I love vampire stories count me in please


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