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Review: The Forester II: Lost and Found by Blaine D. Arden

The Forester II: Lost and Found (The Forester Trilogy #2) by Blaine D. Arden
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 88pgs
4 Pants Off

"The Guide mentioned puddles, but I envisioned lakes, deep treacherous lakes, and I was drowning."

One turn has passed, another Solstice is just around the corner, and having an illicit affair with not one but two lovers—smith Ianys and shunned Forester Taruif—is taking its toll on Truth Seeker Kelnaht.

If it isn't sneaking around to find some quality time with his lovers, it's heavy rainfall hiding traces of a missing stripling, or waiting for the elders to decide whether or not to set Taruif free.

And if that's not enough, Kelnaht fears that in gaining one lover, he might be losing another, as Ianys seems to be pulling away from them, and it looks like someone is, once again, trying to frame Taruif.

I have been so looking forward to continuation of The Forester. I fell in love with these elves and their angst ridden 3-way love. So yes, i wanted their HEA and for all three men to move in together. And while I really liked the story, I still feel like their HEA is far off and their just accepting of their circumstances and forever keeping secrets.

In the first story we meet CIS like Truth Seeker Kelnaht, his shunned lover Taruif, and his other lover Ianys. Both lovers have to be kept secret and all Kelnaht wants to do is shout from the sky that he loves both men. For now their meeting have to be kept hidden, and with his work Kelnaht is feeling overwhelmed. The good news is that the shunning of Tariuf will be lifted and Kelnaht will finally be able to claim his man and one is better than none.

The mystery part of the story adds a little zing to the plot so it’s far from boring, showcasing Kelnaht's importance to the elves and his quiet strength but also his loneliness of having to hide his feelings. The mystery intertwined with the romance was done wonderfully and I just really liked the overall world building. I feel like I know the characters a lot better.

As I said, while I really liked the story. I am somewhat dissatisfied with where this Triad relationship is. I really wanted this glorious happy ending, but I feel like it won’t happen for them. Ianys will have to be a secret and their future seems undecided. I don't how long they can continue the charade when cracks are starting to show and possibly feelings might get hurt.

Still a fan of Blaine D. Arden and I hope we can get a little more of these elves in the future. I want them to just be together and not having to hide. The Forester: Lost and Found is a fantastic follow up to the first book and a most fitting title.

4 Pants Off
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  1. I really enjoyed this series. The second book answered so many questions that I had from the first book and explored the world of cloud elves more to my liking. My impression was that Blaine would be writing the story of Ianys later on; otherwise, I'll be vastly disappointed.

  2. Thanks for the lovely review, Darien :)

    And to put both your minds at ease, Ianys' story does feature in book 3 (when I finally finish it). So... please bear with me a little longer.


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