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Review: Facing West by Lucy Lennox

Facing West (Forever Wilde #1) by Lucy Lennox
Novel: 312pgs

4 Pants Off

Blurb: Nico: 
I left my family and tiny Texas hometown fifteen years ago to escape small-town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life. But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away, leaving me custody of her newborn baby, I’m shocked out of the steady life I’ve built for myself running a tattoo shop in San Francisco.

The thing is: I don’t do babies. And I don’t do small towns. Or commitment. And I especially don’t do family. My plan is to go back to Hobie just long enough to sign adoption papers, giving my niece the kind of stable, loving family I could never provide.

But the moment I meet my niece in the arms of Weston Wilde, my sister’s best friend and the town’s handsome doctor, my plans begin to change. Because suddenly, I see a different future. One with the very thing I thought I never deserved: a family. If only I can convince West that I’m not the same good-for-nothing kid ready to bolt when things get tough. 


There’s one thing I know for sure about Nico Salerno: he was a good-for-nothing as a kid and judging by the purple-haired, tattoo’d punk who shows up at his sister’s funeral, he hasn’t changed. There’s no way I’m letting him take custody of my best friend’s baby. 

But the more time I spend around him, the more I realize that his rough exterior is just a shell and that beneath all the tattoos is a scared, insecure man searching for a place to belong. And pretty soon I know exactly where he belongs: in my bed and by my side. 

The problem is, he abandoned his family once before, how do I know that if we become a family he won’t do it again? 

Facing West is the first in the new Forever Wilde series about the huge Wilde family from Hobie, Texas, whose patriarchs aren’t above a little meddling if that’s what it takes to help their grandkids find true love. 

Another unexpected surprise by a new to me author. I have read Lucy Lennox combined with Sloane Kennedy but this is my first time reading one of her own works and it was surprisingly good. Like colour me surprised, the lady can really carry a story. 

Nico left his backwoods small town to escape their narrow minds and also in hopes of providing a better life for his sister and mom. Who needs a queer screw up around messing up their lives. He left without ever looking back and never planned to return. When a tragedy pulls him back and hands him one hell of a responsibility  Nico knows he’s gotta handle shit fast because “home” has Weston Wilde, golden boy doctor with it seems a dislike for all things Nico. Life just got a hell of a lot complicated and Nico doesn’t do complicated. 

Weston can’t believe the no good tattooed boy is back in town. How can his best friend leave such a huge responsibility to a flake that is her brother. He had no qualms about leaving everything behind, and now he’s back with all his tats and multicoloured hair. If only his ass wasn’t so damn beautiful it would make hating him a lot easier. His mind is saying that Nico is no good, but if only his dick would listen. 

Things I liked: I really enjoyed the story and the overall plot. I was hooked man, the whole town of Hobie drew me in and didn’t let go. I love the whole “I hate you but let’s f*ck” story line. I’m also for the going back home and showing them where to suck it because I made it bitch.  

Weston and Nico together are sexy as hell, there was some spicy chilli scenes in here that just felt all kinds of right.

Things I disliked: Sometimes I disliked West, he said some things that contradicted his feelings. He’d point out that Nico wasn’t the type of guy you settle down with but type you mess around with and then leave. Not even a few pages later he’d get in his feelings and sprout about how to never judge a book by its cover (rolls eyes for his contradictory ass). For more than halfway through he saw Nico as an object and not an actual person. It irked me!! 

The towns people. There's nothing I hate more than hating ass small towns people.

I didn’t like what the author did with the baby there. The book solely revolves around said baby, but she came off as furniture. It was like “oh yeh the baby”. I don’t think that part of the story was executed quite well, baby Pippa felt like an accessory instead of a vital part of the story.

Overall, another great story with a great sense of family and two beautiful men coming together. I am really excited to dive on into the second book, and I just as excited to check out the rest of L.Ls solo work. Facing West is a great combination of dislike turning into love, with great family bonds, and hot man love. Its a formula that works. Give it a look see!!

SideNote- These long as hell blurbs man...

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