Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: Ghost Wolf by Hurri Cosmo

Ghost Wolf by Hurri Cosmo
Painted Hearts Publishing 
Novel: 390pgs

2 Pants Off (Based on what I read)

Blurb: Hi, my name is Trevor. I’m a wolf shifter.

I say that like I know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I was simply running off a ton of steam one day when I was around eleven and bam! Okay, not quite that easy or fast but it happened when I was young and stupid. I’m also gay. I say that like I know what I’m talking about with that too. I simply don’t. 

I’m grown up now and living in the big city which has me too busy to much care about either one of those things. I get out and run my wolf when I can, trying like hell to stay out of the local pack’s territories. Belonging to a “family” just sounds like too much work, and honestly I don’t have time for such things. Besides, I was told when I was young the color of my wolf was all wrong. Too silver...or something. Metallic. I kinda thought it looked cool in the full moon. “Pack Alpha would kill ya soon as look at ya.” My grandpa used to say. Course he wasn't my real grandpa. Just an old man who lived down the street, but he was a shifter too and I thought he knew it all. He probably knew diddly either, but a guy can’t be too careful. And romance? Way off the radar. 

Only now someone has started killing wolves. Started leaving broken bodies lined up in a nice little row next to the high school in my home town and it's got me to thinking. If a shifter is killed in his or her wolf state, do they stay that way? Were these dead wolves like me? The hell of it all is this: being a shifter isn't common knowledge. It bothers me enough that now I want to find out more. See if there's anything I can do. Kind of like a super hero. 

Oh yeah. Probably forgot to tell you this too. I can turn invisible. Yep, Ghost Wolf to the rescue.

I don’t even know how to write an eloquent review for this. I mostly wanna spend my time tearing into it about all the thing that went wrong, but that’s mostly not my style. I did DNF this book around the 60%, I was mostly holding out for it to get better. For the writing to get better, for the characters to get better for the overall plot to get better but it never clicked for me. Everything felt contrived, juvenile and not well executed. It was a problematic formula with a problematic and immature MC. His voice from the very beginning ruined my enjoyment of the story. 

Trevor shifted into a wolf for the first time at eleven, which both surprised and terrified him. He knew he was something else but he had no one in his life to tell him what he was and why it’s happening. A chance encounter with another wolf proved that there were more like him but apart from the old man telling him crazy things he still had no clue about who he was. When his mentor dies and leaves him a ring- “one ring to rule them all”, I kid, wrong book. He leaves him a ring that makes him invisible with no actual instructions as to what it another ring is really for. 

So Trevor has got this power, is a wolf shifter, and proceeds to go into adulthood as complete idiot. I don’t know what was wrong with this kid, but everything he did and said irked me. He was so wishy washy with an amazing ability but fumbled about like a baby animal learning to walk. He meets Ryan (his fated mate) and everything just got worse. 

Thing I like: (the sounds of crickets in the night). I love the cover 🤷🏽 I really do!

Things I didn’t like: Do I got enough page room for this? I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the writing. I don’t think anything was executed well and it was taking too damn long to get to the point.

The book is too long for no reason and with nothing to carry it, it was hella boring. I wasn’t there for any of it. 

Overall, I am very disappointed. I wanted to give a new author a chance and I feel bad that it didn’t work for me. The idea behind it could have made a great story but it didn’t come together well. Ah, such is life you win some you lose some.  

SideNote- Every-time I looked up at the title on kindle it said GostWolf (like legit GostWolf) and not Ghost Wolf. I don’t even know…is it one word or two???


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