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Review: Winter Cowboy by R.J. Scott

Winter Cowboy ( Whisper Ridge, Wyoming #1) by R.J. Scott
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4 Pants Off

Blurb: Micah Lennox left Whisper Ridge after promising the man he loved that he would never return. But the only way he knows to keep his pregnant sister and nephew safe is to go home. Spending winter in Wyoming opens too many old wounds, but he's on the run from justice which can't be far behind, and this is his last chance at redemption.

After a hostage situation leaves Doctor Daniel Sheridan struggling with PTSD, he returns to Whisper Ridge. Joining his dad in family practice is a balm to soothe his exhausted soul, and somehow, he finds a peace he can live with. That is until he meets Micah in a frozen graveyard, and the years of anger and feelings of betrayal boiling inside him, erupt.

Two broken men fight and scratch for their lives and that of their families, and somehow, in the middle of it all, they find each other.

Is it possible that love can be rekindled and become a forever to believe in?

The Winter Blues

The rating for this book (4 Pants Off) 

How this book made me rage (Fucking Priceless) 

I really enjoyed reading this but my enjoyment is minor in compare to my rage. Winter Cowboy had me feeling all depressed and what seems to be my M.O from this year, being pissed at small town people and their hating ass selves. I was just sooo…pissed and that ending did nothing to alleviate my ire. 

Micah Lennox has had his fair share of pain after leaving the only home he’s ever known. An accident that happened as a teen has shaped his entire life, its left him broken and consumed by guilt. When he gets a call from his sister he knows that she’s in trouble and he never got to be the big brother she deserved in the past. His rescue mission turns into something you’d only ever see in the movies, and he now has to protect his very traumatized very pregnant sister, his traumatized and abused nephew. The option available is to go home back to his ranch, back to the place where the people hate him, where his first love hates him, and where he caused the death of a boy.

Dr Daniel Sheridan has dealt with his fair share of pain and guilt. He’s also dealing with PTSD and anxiety after being held gunpoint and watching a friend get killed. He’s barely hanging on by a thread and he just wants everyone to leave him alone but family can really be pain in the ass. When he hears that Micah is back in town his already fragile temper is near bursting and when he sees Micah in his sights his dam finally breaks. Micah gets him going and brings him to life, but he can’t forgive or forget but what Micah meant to him is like a tattoo on his heart. 

Micah and Daniel, they have some stuff to work on and finally get rid of their anger and guilt. There are glimpses into their budding romance as young men and then how it all came crashing down. My initial reaction to all hate on Micah was that he was drunk perhaps, and did something awful but when the truth finally came to light all I was left with is a “are u freaking serious”. This whole goddamn town persecuted a boy over an accident. I was in so much rage mode, I don’t know if I enjoyed the story after finding out and I’m still on the fence about whether Daniel deserves Micah or if their relationship is a good thing because it's based on so much awful. 

Micah is a character I really enjoyed. He’s loyal, caring, sensitive, and strong. He’s been through some things and could have remained bitter, but he stepped up when his sister needed him and was willing to put his entire life on the line to make sure she was safe. Daniel, is a whole other ball game. I understand that he has been through something traumatic but the way he was so very dismissive of Micah and then went ahead and lied which made an already bad situation worse, I’m just not here for him. He was mister doom and gloom and a freaking liar that lies under oath (like perjury dude…you weren’t thinking about that). Together…I’m not sure about their relationship or if I buy them as a couple. There are feelings there but its surrounded by young love, heartache, and pain. They aren’t even properly a couple yet but they need couples therapy.  

Overall, a solid angst ridden story by R.J Scott. I’m a fan of the authors writing flow, and a way with writing stories I will remember. While I didn’t love everything, I enjoyed a majority of the story telling. Sprinkled with the right amount of angst and enough drama to keep you entertained, all fans R.J Scott will surely be delighted by this offering. The classic I’m hating you right now but will be loving you soon trope.  

SideNote- Seriously though, this year has been a time of hating ass small town folks who can hold a grudge like nobody’s business.
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