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Review: Kiss Your Scars by Avril Ashton

Kiss Your Scars (Loose Ends, #3) by Avril Ashton
Novel: 368pgs

5+++++++ Pants Off

Blurb: Being the king of Atlanta’s underworld used to have its perks, but lately all undercover agent Renzo Vega has seen is the downside. Someone is auctioning off women in his city, and he’s damn sure not about to let that offense stand. Just as he’s set to make a move, Renzo’s club is ambushed and he’s shot. Unsure of who to trust, he turns to the one man he definitely knows wants him dead. 

Yanked from his bed, blindfolded and spirited away in the middle of the night, Lowell Scott is shocked to find the darkly gorgeous Renzo bleeding and in need of his help. The very last thing he wants is to come to the aid of the man responsible for his cousin’s death, but the knife at his throat doesn’t give Low much options. 

Close proximity doesn’t temper the hatred Low harbors for Renzo, it only brings up new problems. Like the vicious attraction Low struggles to control, and bullets that won’t stop flying. It’s a tough sell to believe there’s anything good in a man as unapologetically dangerous as Renzo. And even if Low could forgive the unforgivable, Renzo is still shadowed in secrets. When they’re exposed, those secrets will bring far-reaching consequences that could sever not just their shaky bond, but Low’s family ties as well.

This is book three in the Loose Ends series, but can be read as a standalone

Warning: Contains references to subjects that may be triggering. Please read with caution



I don’t know if I can write a review for this. I love it so freaking much!! My favourite in the series no freaking challengers.  

All I wanna do is run through the streets screaming Renzooooooooo. Like I don’t acquire much book boyfriends but for the few I have, Renzo is in the top 10. This man had me swooning and floundering around on my bed like some teenage girl. 


So through most of Ms Avril Ashton books we have been hearing the name Renzo Vega, and now we finally get his story. And what a sad story it was, having suffer great abuse from the hands of a monster and taken away from his family. But Renzo turned out to be a survivor and now he’s one of Atlanta’s most feared criminals. He’s still haunted by his past and it affects him greatly, but even though he moves in the dark he still manages to bring light to some caught suffering through abuse. He bad, but he also good. 

“But the fact was, the waiting had come to an end. He was about to fuck up Low’s life.” 

When he gets a whiff of Lowell Scott he knows that the man is his, too bad Low hates his guts and can’t stand sigh of him. But hate can’t stop overflowing chemistry and Low gets damn putty in his hands. Low hates him for one reason only; and blames him for the death of his cousin who was also his best friend. Too freaking bad for all that, Renzo is out to get his man. 

“Because you and I, Lowell Scott? We’re about to burn each other to the ground, and I will speak your fucking name when I’m covered in the ashes of us”.  

Low moves in his own shadows keeping the secret of his sexuality from his Caribbean family who have very wrong misconceptions about gay men and homosexuality. While he hides who he is, he also hides how he is feels for one Renzo Vega. The man isn’t someone he should want but his treacherous body isn’t taking the cue. Low has fought for a long time to resist Renzo and its taking care of the man's broken body that leads him to a realization that he can’t not be with Renzo, and for that man he’s willing to lose the love of his family. While Renzo might be used to the shadows Low refuses to keep him there.   

“You-You’re a criminal.” He was the only person who required that reminder. 
“That’s Right.Renzo murmured at his ear. “And I’ll fuck you like one, too”. 

I don’t even know what happened in this book my mind was just strictly all Renzo. Again Ms Ashton is good with the words, like sex is all good ad shit but the things my Renzo be spitting had me damn near weak for the entire book. Like plot pops up and all that but in all its entirety it could have just been Renzo saying shit and I’d still be uber happy. 

“Will you call me Daddy, Low?” 

The books goes to some serious topics, such as child sexual abuse and growing up in a Caribbean family while also being gay. I’m just gonna touch on the Caribbean stuff, being Jamaican myself and growing up hearing the harsh things said about gay men. The bible and god always come into play when discussing sexuality and the labeling of them deviants akin to those of pedophiles. So, reading about it in Kiss Your Scars was like my little old self listening in on adult conversations as a kid. Not quite understanding but knowing that without a doubt it was something they hated. So, Low’s struggle is not just fiction it’s real life things that gay men of a Caribbean background have to navigate.  

I just had a real connection with this one, with the food, with the family values and just the overall tone. Another culturally diverse book with two MC of colour and I am on the win. Always gonna give props to the author for her books, love or hate her work she’s one of few giving you black heroes, giving you Latino heroes and then writing them as couples. Then giving you both sides of what it’s like to be a person of colour from many backgrounds.  

Also Renzo!!  

There’s a scene in the book that caused the complete disintegration of panties, and that was the elevator scene. If you know about Caribbean people then you know how we dance and Low putting it on Renzo like that. Deceased!! 

Hands down my fave in the entire series. I love Renzo he’s a beautiful man and I am planning on how to steal his ass from Low 😈. Kiss Your Scars was a good finale to a series that I really enjoyed and while I’m sad to see it end. I’m looking hella forward to what’s to come, because my man Renzo got friends and his friends need to fall in love.  

SideNote- I do have a little problem with something in the book. So Renzo has suffered great abuse, I’m talking things no child should face, but he made it to adulthood without extensive therapy. I find that way too disbelieving. He was a god damn mess and needed help and it just irks me when things like that don’t get addressed. Renzo get your ass some help please!!!!

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