Friday, May 4, 2018

Review: Forgive and Forget by Charlie Cochet

Forgive and Forget (Dreamspun Desires #7) by Charlie Cochet
Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Goodreads
Novella : 194pgs

3 Pants Off

Blurb: He's hot. He's dangerous. And he can't remember anything.

As the owner of Apple’n Pies, Joe Applin leads a quiet, uneventful life, content to spend his days serving customers who come from all over to eat his delicious homemade pies. Along with his motley crew—Bea, Elsie, and Donnie—Joe couldn’t be happier in his little kingdom of baked goods and java.

Experience has taught Joe that love is overrated—and at times dangerous. He has no intention of repeating past mistakes. But then he meets a mysterious, handsome man with amnesia, and Joe can’t deny something sweet is in the works. He isn’t one to take risks, not with his heart and certainly not with his life, but the more time he spends with the man he knows as Tom, the closer he is to losing both.


In all the years in all the lands this is my first time reading Charlie Cochet and I won’t hold this story against her because I know what to expect when reading the Dreamspun Desires imprint. Forgive and Forget is exactly how I’m feeling when it comes to this story. 

Joe Applin likes his quiet life running his pie shop with his eclectic friends that make up his family. Baking is what he does best and he gets super happy when people get happy eating his pies. While life might not be super exciting, it’s really quite fulfilling. Well things take a turn for the exciting when Joe finds himself caring for a strange beautiful man with amnesia. He has to help the man that he named Tom figure out who he is while keeping his heart in check, because Tom might be married and living a full life somewhere else and when he regains his memories Joe worries about just becoming another memory. 

Seems Tom wasn’t living the white picket fence life and suddenly cops and sketchy dudes are invading Joe’s space. All of Joe's protective instincts are going off and he knows he has to keep Tom safe during the recovery of his memories. Apple n’ Pies just took on more than they can bake. 

Mostly I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I’d hoped. The story is hella cute but the delivery was a let down. There was way too much story packed in here and close to the ending it all started feeling rushed. Joe and Tom lacked spark for me, and the little surprise about their meeting each other was just too cliché. The writing and flow is good so I got through it quite quickly and was never bored. I just wanted more, and overall it all felt very cheesy. 

As I said, this won’t set the tone for me when it comes to reading Charlie Cochet and will check out her other works. In this instance I’m willing to forgive and forget 😈

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