Submit Your Art!

If you are an artist and have lots of drawing of beautiful boys together? Then Pants Off Reviews is looking for you. I want to start a new set of posts dedicated to Fan-Art or just beautiful art in general. I am mostly looking for art that has to do with fandoms (cus I love that shit) Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Supernatural etc.... are just some of things I am looking for. If you have them lying around and want to put them out there, please contact me DarienMoya at with the subject Fan-Art (so it doesn't become spam). I really wanna post all your pretty art all over my blog.

  • I ask that the art be original and yours (please don't send other people's stuff cus that's not cool)
  • It can be graphic (NSFW)
  • Cover designers are more than welcome
  • Feel free to spread the word around

Help me, help you spread your awesome all over the internet for people to enjoy!



  1. I posted it on my Tumblr and I'll cross-post on my blog for you. I see quite a bit of Sterek and Supernatural fan art come through my dash on Tumblr, so if I see any I'll see if I can track it back to the artist and let them know.

  2. Greetings Darien,

    I did not see a comment section to submit a request for a book review. Do I request here? Thanks, Pablo Michaels

    1. You can find it here


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