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With Abandon by J.L Langley

With Abandon by J.L Langley
Samhain Publishing
4 out of 5

As heir to an old and proud heritage, Aubrey Reynolds works and lives for his family, his employees and his pack. Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewolf is no big deal—until he discovers the newcomer is his mate. His very male mate…which is a very big deal, indeed. Revealing his sexuality was never part of Aubrey’s well-ordered life plan.
Much as he loved caring for his eight younger brothers, Matt Mahihkan knows it’s time to grab the opportunity to attend college in Atlanta. Realizing Aubrey is his mate should have been a delightful experience…except Aubrey treats him more like a dirty little secret than a lover. Yet Matt is a patient man. Aubrey can’t stay in the closet forever. Can he?
In time, they settle into a comfortable, if complicated, routine. Until a rogue werewolf with an axe to grind forces Aubrey to add to the wedge of secrets driving him and Matt apart, leaving Matt exposed to danger…and Aubrey forced to choose between love and duty.

With Abandon, is the highly anticipated book four in the With or Without series. I am a fan that has been waiting impatiently for the latest instalment in this highly addictive series, and this book does not disappoint. However, my least favourite in the series, it was still a pleasure to read.

For those who are reading this review with no idea what the series is about, well it’s simple. Shifter males finding their mate, their equally male mate. The series is not without its vicissitudes, there is mystery, laughter and some of the hottest sex you will ever read. Just like only J.L Langley does it. I would recommend you read the first three, only because you shouldn’t miss out on them, and definitely, cus book four is a sort of continuation to book three.

Aubrey Reynolds is a dedicated man, dedicated to his company and his family. He has a legacy to uphold, get married, raise some children and run his fathers company. There is only one thing wrong with the whole situation, Aubrey is gay and no one must know. In his world of business, his sexual orientation will look like a weakness, and only the strong survive. Everyone thinks he is hooking up with his best friend who is girl, which makes him happy, because it keeps suspicion away from what gender he really likes to get naked with. Finding his mate is not in the cards, but faith has a way of intervening when you least expect it. Aubrey gets his mate, but he is unsure of if he wants to keep him.

Matt is finally leaving home, away from his eight younger brothers, and the terrible relationship of his parents. Things are about to be different and quieter when Matt leaves to attend college. To say that he would miss his brothers is an understatement, but this time away will let him spread his wings. Getting to know Aubrey over the phone has been some good times, Aubrey will be his roommate during the duration of his college years. When Aubrey girlfriend picks him up from the airport, the scent he is getting from her says she is his mate. Faith can’t be so cruel can it? giving Matt a female mate when he is clearly gay. He is going by the scent and its saying that she is. When he gets to apartment he will be sharing with Aubrey, the scent is a lot more concentrated. When Aubrey walks through the door, he gets his answer. Aubrey is his mate, and his girlfriend just smelt a little like him.  Things just got seriously complicated.

The book then becomes a story of Aubrey’s struggle with wanting his mate, and his persistence in fulfilling his family duty. Matt struggles with being second best, but he is hoping that eventually Aubrey will come around. The two together are very sweet, and they got to know each other a lot better while fighting the sexual urges that come forth around a mate.

The book offers up some nice conflicts, a little sex relationship gone badly between a couple of Aubrey’s employees. Also a little menace, in the form of someone stalking Matt and then sending pictures to Aubrey. Matt and Aubrey are not without issues of their own, and it’s a bit of struggle for them to reach their HEA. A nice twist was added, and I never saw it coming and I did even cry a little. Wished it didn’t end quite that bad.

The sex is a lot less in this one, and honestly not as hot as to be expected from Langley, I do believe this one was all about the story. Matt is shining in his fluorescent socks, and pink polo shirts. His dress shoes and shorts are out in big way, you gotta love him. Aubrey is more than he appears and I am glad I got to know him, he is not the asshole I thought he was. Overall, a great addiction to this wonderful series, and I am once again impatiently waiting for book five.

4 Pants Off
Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off
Written for Three Dollar Bill Reviews


  1. I liked this book a lot, mostly b/c I loved Matt. I think I liked the others more as well. I am DYING for sterling's story!

  2. I think I need to edit this review, because as mentioned by the author book 5 is not Sterling and Rhys's story. I feel like I have been waiting for that book since I was born.

    The build up is getting intense and I really hope it doesn't disappoint.


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