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Sex Scene & Giveaway: The Druid Stone & Galway Bound

Omo, once again I have the awesome Heidi Belleau stopping by again. She's brought you a scorching excerpt and a fantastic giveaway. Remember to give the authors some love and enter the contest. Check out my review for Galway Bound.

Hello hello, pantsless readers! Heidi Belleau here with a sex scene and a couple of free books for you!

If you’ve read The Druid Stone, you may remember our heroes Sean O’Hara and Cormac Kelly. Well, now they’re back in a new erotic BDSM short that’s sure to be a treat for fans and newbies alike. Galway Bound is now available from all your favourite e-tailers, including Amazon and ARe. There’s spanking, Irish dirty talk, and even a bubble bath . . . but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s the blurb:
A year after they saved each other’s lives in The Druid Stone and eager to return a little bit of intensity to a sex-life that's been put on the backburner, Cormac and Sean book a weekend in Galway with no limits and no distractions. Cormac has a few ideas on how to spice things up and the bag full of kinky surprises he needs to make them happen: a spreader bar, a brand new toy or two, and even Sean’s own belt. But once the cuffs get buckled, just how far can he push Sean... and himself?

“Galway Bound” is a BDSM short featuring Sean and Cormac from the urban fantasy M/M series Layers of the Otherworld, but the only magic here is what’s happening in their bed. Fans of the series and new readers alike will all find a little something to love in this erotic story.

Contains: D/s, impact play, edging/orgasm denial, bondage, toys, light voyeurism.


Want a taster? Read on for an exclusive excerpt of this sizzling short. Like what you see? Leave us a comment here, and one lucky winner will win an e-copy in their choice of formats of The Druid Stone and Galway Bound. And if the person who wins the draw already has The Druid Stone, they can choose to gift the copy they’ve just won to a friend of their choice and spread the love around.

“So what are the rules?” asked Sean, then gave his head a shake. “Cormac.”

“The rules. Oh.” Cormac’s gaze fell on the third button of Sean’s shirt, on the shadowed depression between the muscles of Sean’s chest. Cormac slipped the button through, then the next, down to the last button, taking care not to touch Sean’s skin. “What makes you think there’s supposed to be rules?” He felt one corner of his mouth twitch, but quelled the expression expertly.

“Well, you know. Research.” Sean shifted his weight. The shirt fell half off, exposing his right shoulder. The asymmetrical effect was nothing short of stunning. He looked rather like a shy artist’s model.

Cormac, his throat gone dry, had to swallow before he answered. “Research, was it now? And what kind of research did you do?”

“A little Wikipedia, a little bondage porn. Or a lot. I mean, I’ve had a while to think about this.” He shrugged his shoulders, slipping the shirt down a few more inches. Damn, he knew exactly how he looked right now. More importantly, how he looked to Cormac.

“See anything you liked? Tell me.”

“It’s hard. I mean, to talk about.”

Cormac could read that reluctance in his muscles, in the tense set of his shoulders.

No pity. “I know. That’s why I want you to try.” Cormac kept his tone firm, but soft. The sense of authority in his voice made him tingle with anticipation.

Sean’s pupils dilated and his lips parted slightly, sticking at the corners. “Okay. I just want to... give everything up for a while. However you can do that. You know me. You know what I like.”

It was sweet, really, but this wasn’t about sweet. “You’re right about that. But that’s not what I asked.” He clenched his teeth around that last ‘d’, snapping it in his mouth primly. “I asked, ‘Did you see. Anything you liked.’”

Sean’s cheeks turned a delectable flustered red, barely noticeable under the shade of his skin, but apparent to Cormac. He lifted his chin. “There was... there was one... There was a man, they didn’t let him come. They teased him until he was crying, begging for it, but they didn’t—not until—”

Cormac reached for Sean’s shoulders, sweeping the shirt clear of his body. It fell to the floor, pooling around his feet. He knew which video Sean was talking about, had sat and watched it when he’d found it lurking in their web history. “You liked all of it, did you?” Cormac certainly had. But to hear Sean recount it in his unsteady voice was at least hundred times better.

“Yeah.” Sean visibly relaxed now that he had such an easy question to answer. “Except the names they called him. But everything else, God, yes.”

“I think maybe I’ll stick to calling you Sean,” Cormac said as comfort. He’d been expecting that. Too bad, because ‘boy’ had a certain appeal, especially now that Sean was looking to him—not up at him, he was too tall for that, although the effect was quite the same—with his dark, trusting eyes, waiting for direction even if it made him nervous. “And as for rules, we’ll keep this dead simple. I won’t gag you. You can say ‘no’ or ‘slow down’ any time and I’ll be listening. All I’ll ask in exchange is that you’re obedient, understood? That you trust me.”

“Yes.” Sean lowered his eyelids a fraction. That look that always set Cormac’s blood on fire. “I’m ready.”

Cormac kept up what he hoped was an entirely impassive front. “Take off your belt and hand it to me,” he ordered.
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