Monday, November 21, 2011


Hot Head by Damon Suede
Dreamspinner Press
Gay For You/Contemporary Romance
5 out of 5

Where there's smoke there's fire.

Since 9/11, Brooklyn firefighter Griff Muir has wrestled with impossible feelings for his best friend and partner at Ladder 181: Dante Anastagio. Unfortunately Dante is strictly a ladies' man and the FDNY isn’t exactly gay-friendly. For 10 years, Griff has hidden his heart in a half-life of public heroics and private anguish.

Griff’s caution and Dante’s cockiness make them an unbeatable team. To protect his buddy, there’s nothing Griff wouldn’t do… until Dante is nearly bankrupt and proposes the worst possible solution:, a gay-porn website where uniformed hunks get down-n-dirty… Now Dante wants them to appear there— together.

Griff may have to guard his heart and live out his darkest fantasies on camera. Can he rescue the man he loves without wrecking their careers, their families, or their friendship?

Hot Head is critically acclaimed (by me), this book was the Kool-Aid, and by Kool-Aid, I mean the shit. I loved every fecking minute of it. It’s rough, raw and ready (wait a sec is that, not some other book). Well those words describe this book perfectly; stuffs on fire, feelings are blazing hot. The men like it rough, and they are always ready. Forget it; this is starting to sound extremely cheesy.

So the setting is New York, years after the September 11th attacks on the Trade Centres. It’s a big celebration within the city. Honouring, the firefighters, and cops who died and worked hard to rescue people. Therefore, they had overcome, and tragedy led to unity. Fun side! It’s a big dick and pussy fest, horny for firemen, women come out to play and firefighters and other city workers know they be getting their dicks wet (man this book makes me wanna type all dirty).

So Griff the firefighter is having strong feelings for his best friend where that sounds totally cliché, this cliché works. This is no sappy I have feelings for you, and as I confess my undying love we have the most amazing sex. Griff emotions are realistic, his love stems from a long friendship. Not just a close friendship, but it borderlines brotherhood, Griff, the adopted member of Dante’s family. They know him, they love him and he’s dying to fuck (there I go again) their son, their brother, their uncle and his best friend.

Dante is having some money troubles, so he hits up making a little porn. What’s wrong with a little whack fest to make some quick money? Not a damn thing Dante, not a darn thing. Well Griff has a problem with it, but that won’t stop him from a little whack fest of his own. When push comes to shove though Griff has Dante’s back, in more ways than one. A little porn experiment might lead to some big things, some *real big* things.

Alright lets get serious. I love this book, the characters are strong and the story though not romantic is captivating. This is a man struggling with his feelings for another man, in a profession and life where being gay is a death sentence. Because nothing makes you less of a man, like loving another man. For a long time Griff has struggled with his feelings, and what you realize is the heart wants what the heart wants. Though the outside world might hate them when their together, first they must figure out the whole ‘I am in love with best friend’ before they can worry about anyone else.

However, some readers might find the whole porn thing questionable. Who hasn’t risked their job for a little porn? I risk my job as a perfect parent with the amount of man love I watch, read, and think about (teehee). I think if anything it made the book stronger, because what we know is that nothing brings two people closer than making porn.

Loved Dante, he was my sexy Italian hottie I wanted to eat him up. Griff was adorable and sweet and you just want him to get his HEA. How can you not fall in love with someone who is willing to do anything for the person he loves. It’s a great GFY (gay for you), and I hope I get more from my HotHead boys. So many wonderful things in this book *HOT MAN SEX*, and that other stuff about feelings ‘winks’. 

5 Pants Off
 Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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