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ARC: Weight of a Gun

Weight of a Gun by Various Authors
Storm Moon Press
Short Novella: 96pages
4.25 out of 5

Everyone knows that guns are dangerous; they have long been a subject surrounded by controversy. Combine them with sex and you have a subject that is virtually taboo, but smoking hot. This anthology explores the intersection of these two worlds, and the sensual possibilities they inspire.

In Bounty Hunter, William Hunt is hot on the trail of lover-turned-outlaw James Campbell. But when William finally catches up with James, bringing him to justice is the last thing on his mind. Changing the Guard introduces Tomi Vuorela, working security in a frozen off-world outpost. When Andile Harper intrudes on his seclusion, Tomi must determine if the interloper is a harmless workman or a dangerous terrorist. 


Avery Belfour is The Machinist, kidnapped by a rival colony in need of his services. But the dark and deadly Harrow may have other plans for Avery first. In My Rifle Is Human, the more a Gunslinger like Fil sexually satisfies his shapeshifting partners, the Ordinances, the more likely they'll survive as weapons on the battlefield. When late-bloomer Morris becomes Fil's latest partner, however, it will take all Fil's patience and skill to seduce and inspire Morris in time for the next wave of attacks.

Tyler Maxwell from In the Pines, a former New York cop now working a desk job in Alaska, buys a gun as a present and begins to dream about the mysterious and beautiful Flynn. But Flynn is more than a dream, and Tyler must find the truth before he loses his mind. Finally, in Compromised Judgment, Rózsa Ignác is working to uncover a gunrunning operation supplying arms to his enemies. He's certain that Cistalan Konrád is involved, but his attraction to the other man puts himself and the entire investigation in danger.

I am going to write this again so forgive me if it's all broken record. Anthologies are never my top pick when it comes to reading; I get frustrated because some stories suck and others I wish were just a tad bit longer. This anthology falls under I wish the stories were longer, well at least most of them. This anthology is all about the gun, this deadly and yet sometimes-beautiful weapon. This book will show you that sometimes it is not all about the killing, the gun can be used for something dangerously sexy and good.

The Bounty Hunter by Cornelia Grey
Talk about 'color me surprised' I think I missed the part about this being a gun fetish anthology.  Not to worry this story reminded the crap out me. It offers up an old western vibe, all dusty trails and cowboys. William Hunt is a bounty hunter and after his once lover turned outlaw. When the two finally have their confrontation, its all kinds of explosive and where the gun gets all kinds of dirty. I enjoyed this short because of the whole lovers being reunited under some dangerous circumstances. Where f*cking is last thing they should be doing, but it definitely is the best thing.

Changing the Guard by Peter Hansen
This one is my absolute favourite. Set in a futuristic world where humans reside on other planets. We meet Tomi Vuorela a security guard working isolated on some frozen planet placed there because he gave his superior some lip. When an unexpected visitor makes an appearance Tomi has no idea what to think of Andile who says he is there to run maintenance. Tomi is suspicious and treats him like a criminal, but that doesn’t stop the attraction between the two men. From the start, the writing is funny and sarcastic. Andile and Tomi just grab your attention and the ending to this is a delightful surprise. The gunplay is indescribably hot, erotic, and I just loved it. Peter Hansen is an author to watch out for.

The Machinist by Gryvon
Avery is the machinist, kidnapped and kept in a dungeon by a rival colony. Just when he is coming to terms with how is life will be, he is taken captive again by the deadly looking Harrow. Avery being the funny ‘lets make the best out of this crappy situation’ kinda person he tries to drag Harrow into conversation but by the deadly look in the man’s eye Avery knows that his life will no longer be his own. Though he should be afraid, Avery can’t help that the gun being held at his back is making him all kinds of hard. This short was sexy, and pain filled, another one that would be served best if it were longer.

My Rifle is Human by Sumi
This is where the surprise comes, just when you are starting to get a little bored with all that gunplay this refreshing little tale makes an appearance. Though the gun still plays a part, it’s quite imaginative with a scientific spin. Fil was a born a Gunslinger which makes him the bedding partner to the Ordinances (human weapons). As a Gunslinger he has to have sex with the Ordinance that is given to him, sex is the energy that drives them and makes them unstoppable on the battlefield. Fil has had no success with his Ordinance; no matter how much he has sex with them they never come back alive. Until he is given Morris who wants to get to know him, but all Fil knows is sex and Morris needs sex to survive. I loved how humans were able to become weaponry, can you just imagine that. This story was super cool and my second fave.

In the Pines by Lydia Nyx
Even days after finishing this story, I still kept thinking about it. Former cop Tyler moves to Alaska working a desk job after being injured in the line of duty. He purchases a gun to be given as a present but then starts to have these sexy dreams about a man named Flynn. Never knowing the man he dreams about every night is connected to the gun he bought. When he finally makes the connection, it’s just a little too late for Tyler because he’s already in too deep. I loved the bit of mystery offered up in this story, and the beautiful yet sad ending. I believe this story can be looked at in many ways and it’s entirely up to the reader.

Compromised Judgement by Penny K Moss
Rozsa is an undercover agent about the blow the lid off some gun smuggling. That’s until there was Konrad, a man Rozsa is deeply attracted to but is very much a part of the case. There’s one thing Rozsa knows is that you don’t get feelings for those involve din a case. It seems that the men share a small history, though they have never met previously, and the feelings they share for each other could be fatal. The gun is a part of both men, one makes it and the other wields it; but together they make a very loud bang. My least favourite but still an interesting story.

Overall, another winner by Storm Moon Press. This is by far the craziest and most awesmazing anthology. I never saw the gun as anything but an object that kills, now I view it as something erotic and yet dangerous. The two ingredients to killer awesome book! This has something for every reader. A little contemporary, some science-fiction, and Paranormal. With the other world goodness, and the explosive sex Weight of a Gun is not to be missed. In addition, the cover alone deserves some serious love, a perfect match to the book. So I say ‘who cares how much the gun weighs, is what they do with it that counts’. A guaranteed pants losing!

4 1/2 Pants Off
 Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

*Advance Reader's Copy provided by Publisher*


  1. I have this ARC sitting in my to read pile. Sounds like it was good. I need to get reading faster!

  2. @jay this one was quite good. The gunplay is unreal.

  3. I want to read this one just because of Hansen’s story alone, I really loved first watch and can’t wait to read more from him!

  4. @Brie, Peter Hansen story is awesome love it so much.

    Some of the other stories are pretty spectacular too. So its a win-win!


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