Monday, August 1, 2011

Menage Mondays

A list of my fave Trias (that's what I call it). The ultimate menage books out there, that's just not about sex, but a real building of the relationship. Lets get serious, it tough already with two people, how more complicated could it be with another. Also, the HAWT factor is off the chain, I just love the whole figuring out of who puts what where.

My Recommendations:

Dark Horse (Dark Horse #1) by Kate Sherwood
Dreamspinner Press

Dan thinks about just driving, leaving the whole mess behind. He's got enough money. He could just arrange to get his stuff and his horse shipped to wherever he's going. Taking off is what he used to do when things got to be too much, and it worked pretty well, really.

Dan Wheeler thought he'd found lasting love and stability with his life and work partner, Justin Archer. But when Dan finds himself alone again, still working as a horse trainer for Justin's parents, he has to find a way to accept that his perfect life is gone forever.

Then he meets billionaire Evan Kaminski, who arrives to buy a horse for his younger sister, and Evan's lover Jeff Stevens, a horse trainer who seems to understand more than just Dan's job. Struggling to deal with all the upheavals in his life, Dan finds himself drawn to both Evan's mercurial passion and Jeff's quiet wisdom. Is Dan strong enough to take a chance on new love, or would it be better—safer—for him to be alone?
An awesome book loved it so much. I cried, I laughed, and I yelled A LOT. Check out my review Dark Horse  on Goodreads. I highly suggest you buy this book, its mad awesomeness.
Also check out the sequel: Out of the Darkness.

Loving Edits (Basque Series #1) by Mickie B. Ashling
When bestselling novelist Mick Henley contacts his editor and former lover, Paul Alcott, after a seven-year absence, hearing Mick’s voice reinforces what Paul has known all along―he still loves Mick. The possible reunion entices Paul into considering a dinner invitation, but his hopes are dashed when he learns Mick is in a loving relationship with Spanish Jai alai player Tono Garat.

Paul still accepts the invitation, and Mick asks Paul to help Tono through the final revision of a love story he’s written, inspired by his affair with Mick. When Paul refuses, Mick reveals he’s been diagnosed with a fatal disease, and the novel is Tono’s only means of coping with the eventual outcome.

Paul and Tono resent each other, but they can't deny the strong sexual attraction between them. Can the past blend with the present to ease the way for Mick’s inevitable future? Will they overcome their differences to provide the loving support necessary to sustain the man they love or will their collision destroy Mick's final days?

This book made me cry like the little girl I use to be. So emotional, so powerful, and downright sexy.  Another one I recommend you buy, and don't forget the Kleenex.
Check out the sequel: Tono.

Gemini by Chris Owen
Torquere Press

Gent is a little wild, a little jaded maybe. When he meets Paul, he thinks he might just have found someone fresh and new, someone who’ll play, maybe someone who will be more than a one night stand.

Pretty quick, though, Gent finds out with Paul he gets more than he bargained for. He gets Jamie, too, Paul’s twin, who wants him just as much as Paul does. Gent thinks maybe he’s in over his head, in for a weird triangle that he can’t handle, but as the three come together in an explosion of passionate fireworks, beginning to explore a whole new world of heat, he learns that there can be a lot more fun in having two.

I loved this book! It might not be for everyone since there is some serious twincest going on. Its incredibly hot and will cause heat stroke. Check out my review of Gemini on Goodreads.

I say you give these books a try and indulge your senses.Whoever said that "three was a crowd", obviously never experienced a threesome. 

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