Friday, August 19, 2011

Movie Night!

So it was my birthday on thursday, and I was home with the kids. Because. my birthday was on a freaking thursday, so I just chilled. Out of boredom or complete spontaneity, I got Netflix. I can honestly say its been a good time, and they have a good selection of Gay and Lesbian movies.

So of course I had to dive on in, and I watched a very interesting film lastnight.

The movie was an Argentinian film called XXY, about an intersexed teenage girl and the struggles she faces being caught in two worlds, and the difficult choices her parents have to make.The setting is Uraguay with a great back drop of the ocean and an almost gloomy field which really set the tone of the movie. Alex our intersexed teen really plays her part well, looking very adrogenous it was quite clear that the filmakers did their homework. 

What really had my interest was that of her parents, no over the top emotions; realistic in everything they did. The struggles they had of making the wrong choice for Alex, though they have brought her up as a girl. They feel that their decision might have been the wrong one and the story plays out from their. A small sex scene nothing too outrageous but, I had to ask myself "Don't you need lube?".

A small cast of supporting characters makes the movie all that more intimate, and I was just transfixed for the entire length of it. I think Netflix has just ruined my life (winks) and I will ignore all other things from now.

Running Time: 1hr 27mins

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