Friday, September 30, 2011

Knowing Caleb!

Knowing Caleb (Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana, #5) by Cameron Dane
Knowing Caleb
5 out of 5
5/5 PL Scale

Caleb needs a foreman and Jake needs a job that will get him off the rodeo circuit. They're both hiding from their pasts when they discover a shocking each other. Can two straight men let go enough to find love? Series Note: Knowing Caleb is affiliated with Demon Moon, Falling: an erotic love story, and ReneCade but can be read as a standalone title.

I am sending my hospital bills to Cameron Dane, for the amount of heart attacks suffered. This series, gawd this series the words won’t even come. Knowing Caleb might just be my favourite and only because of the sexiest theme out there (GFY) gay for you. Let me tell you, these guys were gay for each other.

Caleb Hawkins is another one of the Demon bros, and currently the only one who is still a demon, since both his brothers have already gone through the change to become human, and fallen in love. Caleb knows he does not deserve the same, his past he feels is so unforgivable that he should never find happiness.  When a chance meeting with Jake Chase leads him to offer the man a job as his foreman on the ranch, who knew that this would lead to some “Groovy kinda Love”.

Jake Chase has lost his wife 6 years ago, and each year that goes by the pain seems to be the same. Jake is hell bent on destroying his life, until in walks Caleb and he is hell bent on saving him. A night together leads to a job opportunity and an attraction he never expected.

Well talk about needing my bucket and mop, these two are lava hot. One man hell bent on never loving again, and one who feels he doesn’t deserve love and you have the hottest sex on the planet. All the angst and emotion make this book I winner, my heart was literally bleeding for these two. Had to get Kleenex to clean-up the spillage.

Throw in some attempts on Caleb’s life, and Jake’s denial about loving a another man and you have yourself a wonderful read. The Dane never disappoints. From my first book A Fostered Love to Knowing Caleb my latest read by the author, I am a fan for life!! 

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