Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blood Moon

Blood Moon by M.J O'Shea
Republica Press
3 out of 5

There’s something different about Noah….

Zack Parker met his best friend Noah at his lake cabin when they were only five years old. He realized he felt more than friendship for him by the time they were in junior high school. One fateful night when they were eighteen Zack couldn’t take it anymore. Fueled by love and lust and need, he finally kissed Noah like he’d wanted to for years…and Noah kissed him back, returning every drop of Zack’s passion.

The next morning, Noah ended their friendship for what Zack believed was forever.

Now twenty-one, Zack resents being dragged by his guilt-tripping mother every summer back to the lake cabin where every leaf and rock and turn in the road reminds him of Noah and the love he felt for him three long years before. He hates being reminded of what he lost and more than anything he wants his best friend back.

But this year things are different.

Noah has returned, apologetic and more gorgeous than ever. Amazingly, he seems to want Zack as much as Zack wants him. He’s sweet and attentive, sexy enough to make Zack’s thighs quiver, but there’s something not quite right…

What secret is Noah hiding? 

Blood Moon started out real interesting for me. It had a bit of mystery, sounded dark and sexy, and our main character was pining for his best friend. Therefore, I was really enjoying it, until it became a mush fest wrapped in more mush fest.

With a title like that, I was expecting blood, sex, and hot vampire action. I felt like I was reading about teenagers getting it on for the first time. Zach is back at the family cabin for his vacation, a place he would rather avoid. It brings back memories of his best friend, who was his first love and all that. One night of a hot kiss, and feelings confession he thought he would have spent the rest of his life with his best friend, and then he ups and disappear. Crushed by Noah’s rejection, the memories at the lake aren’t so good anymore. Well this year at the cabin is different, Noah is back and he wants to pick up right where they left off.

It seems that Noah is a vampire hunter (doesn’t it just sound exciting), and a stakeout gone badly leads to the death of his parents, and Noah becoming a vampire. His family is known for their vampire hunting skills, and they kill without asking questions. Imagine if they found out that one of their own was a monster, it would be lights out for Noah. So he hides until he can’t hide anymore, he can’t forget Zach and so this year he must have him.

What happens later is quite predictable. It’s all “I am a vampire but I love you don’t be afraid”, “I will be afraid for five minutes but I love you anyways so I can accept that you are undead”. Sex, lots of talking to get to know each other followed by sex, and meeting all the other things that go bump in the night. Throw in some family drama, a not so shocking moment and vampire turning that you saw coming and you have Blood Moon.

I really expected more angst from this book, I guess it was a romantic story, but I found the writing quite juvenile. I just felt like all the things that could have happened; did. I wanted more excitement, and I really wanted to like Noah and Zach a lot more, I just felt like they were the same character but with different names. I will read the second book in this series and am hoping it’s a lot better.

SideNote- Loved the second book in the series Hunter's Moon.

3 Pants Off


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