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Puppy Love 2

Puppy Love 2: Building a Family (Puppy Love #2) by Jeff Erno
Fanny Press
5 out of 5

Matt and Petey are a young gay couple in love. They're a Dom/sub couple. They're an Owner and his pup. In Puppy Love 2, the couple begin to build a life together. The close knit relationship they share with another D/s couple, Alex and Drew, begins to flourish. The four find their lives interwoven with each other, and ultimately the foursome become a family. The tragedies and struggles they go through are remarkable, and the emergence of Petey's sociopathic nemesis Ryan Connors only heightens the drama. Will Matt and Petey's love for one another be strong enough to weather the storms they are forced to face? Will Matt revert to his selfish habits of infidelity and womanizing? Will he demonstrate the maturity that is required to be a responsible Master to his pup? Will Petey ever realize that he has genuine worth, and will he find the confidence within himself to be the hero he was born to be?

So Puppy Love 2 picks up right where the first one left us, Petey and Matt have just enjoyed  a pleasure filled cruise and they are making there way back home. A quick get together with friends Alex and Drew they begin their journey home, Petey is on a love high and everything just seems perfect. Well this book is one surprise after another, and I will say this all the surprises makes this book a lot better than the first. There is character growth, a more exciting plot, a bigger than wow climax and the sex is hotter than ever.  It’s a tear jerker and you will experience every known emotion in the few hours it takes to read this book; because once you start, you won’t put it down.

As I said before this book started with a reunion of Petey, Matt, Drew and Alex. On the journey home they get caught in a huge pile-up, Petey becomes the hero of the day he is then rewarded by his master. This where your actions leads to consequences becomes apart of the book.  Without giving too much away there is a humiliation scene which is humiliating in a big way. It shows exactly the power Matt wields over Petey, and after it also proves the power Petey wields over Matt. This scene in my opinion is what causes Matt to go on a power trip, the rush of telling one what to do finally goes to his head and he pays for it in a big way.

 The level of maturity in the writing has improved drastically, and the characters have become more multi-dimensional and its freaking hard not to fall in love with them. With Petey he has grown up exponentially, he cries less and even gives a little back talk. He is even more aware of who is and you understand why he was meant to be a submissive and if you pay close attention you see the power he holds. He is a small boy with a big heart, and I was so sad through the second half of the book, because Petey has to suffer a bit to teach his bigger than the world ego master a lesson in humility.

What and who makes this book what it is, is the character of Matt; so much character growth. I have a love/hate relationship with Matt he makes many mistakes but manages to pull himself and everyone out of it. I like to call him the redeemer, he always manages to come back a little more shiny in my eyes. Matt gets a wake up call in a big way, there is something he continually says through out the series that “every action has consequences” and his actions leads to dire consequences. This golden boy gets thrown off his white horse, but it adds more dimension to his character. He becomes more human and you realize the depth of his caring for those around him and the love he has for Petey, and let me tell you he has mad love for his pup.

The writing is just smooth it moves from one crisis to another with wicked fluidity. The relationship dynamic between Petey and Matt is super sexy and sweet, the urgency of their love making was lava hot, and where the first book was them getting to know each other and creating a relationship. PL 2 they know each other very well and they both provide what the other needs to be happy in their relationship, and it’s the best D/s relationship out there. The supporting characters create a nice well rounded story, that fuels the fire and makes our heroes shine. The friendships are a lot stronger and they will be tested but everyone comes out on top. The final pages to this book is so explosive and filled with angst, it was just brilliant.

I could go on forever about how awesome this book is, I could go on about how hot and steamy the sex is ( take my word its effing hot). I could tell you that Petey and Matt are bloody awesome, but its up to you to discover this for yourself. I can say that there is no pee drinking so that’s a plus for people who were avoiding it for that reason. Jeff has done a splendid job on this book and I will forever be a big fan of Matt and his pup. I am very excited for Puppy Love 3 and I just know its gonna be awesome. One of my favourite gay series.

5 Pants Off
Reviewed for Three Dollar Bill Reviews


  1. Awesome review, babe. I remember you telling me about the first book. You definitely have got me jonesing to read these books. Sub/ smoldering gay sex.. Sold lol.

  2. I did tell you about them. They were awesome it made me become with Do/sub.


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