Monday, October 17, 2011

Pants Off Halloween Giveaway!

Welcome, to my Halloween giveaway. It might be your lucky Halloween to fill up that kindle you might have or order that book you have been dying to read. Enter Here to win one of two $20 Amazon Gift Card!

U Know You Want It!!

Happy Reading And Good Luck

*Please, remember to leave a blog post comment; to keep the contest fair to those who actually did*


  1. Hmm, My craziest was probably when I went dressed as a Zombie witch last year. lol... This year I'm going to be a "Moon Child" as a part of Kerli's "Army of Love" :D So... Maybe this year is crazier... lol... but that witch one was first. :)

    Anyways, Hope I'm lucky enough to win this contest! \o/

  2. My craziest Halloween outfit was dressing as a zombie and having to get that white all over my body so I looked dead and pasty. That was a challenge and the shit kept sweating of. Never again...

    Sweet giveaway, BTW. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Happy Reading,
    Bona Fide Reflections

  3. It seems that Zombies are the shit. I hate those buggers lol.

    Thanks for stopping by guys :)

  4. Hmm... it's a tie, I think. One year, I did a home-made costume based on Guinevere as played by Keira Knightley in the movie 'Arthur'. It was constructed by taking a bunch of leather belts and scrap leather and piecing it together into a corset-like top. In addition to all that stuff, there was the body painting, which took over two hours. It seemed a waste, since I only went out for an hour in that skimpy thing. Too cold outside for that kind of costume where I lived!

    My other crazy costume was related to CATS, the Musical. That one involved buying a white unitard and having two friends paint the costume onto it while I was wearing it. We were by no means professionals, but it turned out nicely. I did make-up, made a wig, the whole nine yards. Can you tell I enjoyed costumes in high school? XD

    ~K. Piet

  5. Thats totally cool, K. Piet. I never really spent anytime on Halloween when I was a teenager, not really something I cared about. My creativeness/crazinest came when I was 20years and pregnant lol. I wanted candy bad so I became the most child like vampire ever. I am talking make-up a shade lighter than me, head to toe black outfit. Red lips, and the glow was sorta natural.

    I get told a lot that I don't look my age, everyone assumes now that I am around 18, so then I looked like a 14year old lol. It was a crazy time, and I got all the candy I want to fullfil my cravings.

  6. Yeah, I haven't had time to do an actual dress-up-and-trick-or-treat Halloween in a few years. Once I got halfway through college, I was just too busy with everything else to worry about making costumes. My better costume years were in high school, when I had friends to help me out. XD

  7. I've never really done a crazy Halloween costume. Last few years its been either a witch or a fortune teller for a haunted trail/scavenger hunt (I'm usually this first station and give out the map/clue). I like the excuse to go overboard with the makeup (especially the glitter).

  8. Gotta love the gliiter.

    I dress my kids up for halloween. 2 years ago my eldest son was Edward Cullen. Just imagine a 3 year old with the teeth and the messy hair, skinny jeans, grey peacoat like jacket. Lets not forget the pale make-up.

    Bad situation, seems he was allergic to the face paint so we had to buy allergy medicine and some anti itch creme. He still had an awesome time lol.

  9. Hmmm, I'm afraid I can't say what my Craziest Halloween Outfit was, because we don't celebrate Halloween in my country and I've never had a Halloween outfit. But if I did, I'd probably choose to dress up like Tim Burtons's Corpse Bride. Maybe that isn't too crazy, but I love that movie. :)

  10. Umm I haven't dressed too crazy. An ex bf and I went as as a Pimp and a Ho one year. Went all out for that.. hooka boots and all lol. I'd love to try a real good vampire costume and get the vamp make-up done at some cosmetics counter events they do around here especially for halloween. That would mean i'd have to get some halloween plans this year though lol..

  11. Ok, this wasn't my costume. Totally gross but funny too. A girl I was friends with in college dressed up as a tampon. She wore all white with a string tied to her head. The she wore red shoes and socks. See, totally gross. But made me laugh

  12. @jay that is so hilarious, I love it. That is one unique costume!


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