Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Passions

Wild Passions (Anthology) by Various Authors
Storm Moon Press
85,000 words, 195 pages
4 out of 5

Blurb (just as long as the review):
Other worlds, other planes of existence, other places where humans are not the only type of creature to walk and talk. Human-like animals populate the pages of Wild Passions! These are not shifters, but humanoid animals that experience love and lust in their sometimes wild, sometimes civilized worlds.

City of Foxes by Cornelia Grey
Meet Liam, a half-fox in a world where 'urban jungle' isn't a metaphor. When trouble comes in the form of an organized militia looking to experiment, Liam must put his trust where he never expected: in the hands of a human.

Trust Me by Elizabeth Hyder
Koit is a Shterpi, a reptilian alien with a reputation for womanizing. A dare from a friend has Koit changing his target to other men, and he finds that variety really is the spice of life.

Alpha's Pride by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet
Alec and Nahale are feral-Maith, genetic offshoots from a fantastic race. Under pressure, Alec challenges Nahale for leadership of their clan, threatening to destroy the relationship they'd been building for years.

I Do Like To Be By the Seaside by Wayne Mansfield
Panos only wants to live a normal life, free from the secret that's kept him isolated from others. However, he still needs a roommate, and his attraction to the other man has him wondering if opening up might not be so bad after all.

Opening Worlds by Cari Z.
Ferran is making his last trip away from his home planet of Perelan before duty calls him back. But a rakish spaceship captain tosses a wrench into his finely crafted plans, and his world may never be the same.

Songs for Guitar and French Harp by Angelia Sparrow
Gordon and Arthur work in the freak-show at a traveling carnival, wowing audiences with their half-animal physiques. But when animal constructs are second-class citizens and legal property of others, falling in love is the most dangerous act of all.

Anthologies for me are not always a great experience. I am always disappointed in a few stories, and wish others were a bit longer. This anthology had the disappointment, but with some good news. I am totally in love with the last two stories in this book; it’s as if they saved the best for last. The whole book deals with interspecies hook-ups, animal/human hybrids, and if I am not stretching too far some social and political issues. It all could just be my interpretation. Therefore, I will break down my review in terms of each story.

City of Foxes by Cornelia Gray
I liked this story, and yet I feel a little disappointed with it. Though it did offer up a nice plot, I wanted it to go a little further.  A dystopian society, filled with animal/human banished in a world of the lowest sort. This story takes a look in their fight, and the rescuing of their humanoid species. I liked Liam he sound spectacular and I am sort of in love with his tail (I have a thing for tails). Its one of those stories that would have been better if it were its own book, just too much going on.

Trust Me by Elizabeth Hyder
In Trust Me, we meet Koit who is a reptilian like alien. He is bit of a womanizer but the women flock to him, because his species are known for their big assets.  When his female friend challenges him to check out his own gender, Koit takes the challenge. The results are eye opening for Koit, and he realizes what he has been missing. His eventual partner is an asshole, but overall his little experiment leads to good things.

Alpha’s Pride by K.Piet & S.L Armstrong
This story was about a power struggle between two males of a fantastic race. What makes it unique is the love that both males have for each other, but pride and power will eventually pull them apart. They both believe in the survival of their tribe, but in the end opposing ideas leads to a fight of power. Its easy to resonate with both Alec and Nahale, they both wanted what was best for their people, and each other. One of my favourites, because I just wanted great things for both characters.

I Do Like To Be By the Seaside by Wayne Mansfield
Panos lives his life isolated from others. He has secret that he never wants anyone to know, but he does need a roommate that comes in the form of Jason. Panos’s turtleneck wearing is suspicious when it’s freaking hot as hell outside, plus whenever Jason offers up to go swimming with him he gets uncomfortable if not irritable. He is definitely hiding something. The truth leads to hot relationship, and a close call. What we do know is that humans can be intrusive and way too curious for their own good. One of my least favourite in the anthology, its was just all too predictable, though I understand why.

Opening Worlds by Cari Z
This was my favourite story in the entire anthology. It just felt right and complete, and made me happy with its conclusion. A captain of a passenger freighter, and the alien from another planet. A human and alien love story in the greatest form. Jason Kim the captain swore never get involved with his passengers, but there is something about Ferran that calls to him. He is willing to break all the rules at a chance at happiness, but there is more to Ferran and will Jason be able to live with losing him. Just really adored this one.

Songs for Guitar and French Harp by Angelia Sparrow
The darkest themed story and my absolute favourite of them all. This one tackles many issues in the form of half-human half-animal beings. The way humans can mistreat others deemed as different. The way stronger individuals take advantage of those that are weaker. This mini story dealt with rape, drugs, and a slew of social issues. Join Arthur and Gordon, in their world as slaves, and a love so innocent and pure yet deemed forbidden. Watch as Arthur would sacrifice everything for the boy he loves. I guarantee you will fall in love with this one.

Overall, a book worth your time. It’s quite colourful and different from anything I have read before. This book reflects on how I view life and its people. I don’t think race, sexual orientation, and social class should stop love but keeping in theme of the book. I don’t think being human and alien should stop the love or being a bear and loving a cat, or just being a man and loving another man. All this and more in Wild Pssions,plus a strong message of love and acceptance hidden in all the stories.

4 Pants Off
Reviewed for Three Dollar Bill Reviews

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