Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Good Deed

No Good Deed by Lynn Lorenz
Amber Quill Press
Novel: 265 pages
4.5 out of 5

They say no good deed goes unpunished. Two men are about to find out if that old saying is true...

Captain Daniel Chan works for the Riceland Police Department. It’s a small town in Texas and he’s the only Chinese American on the force. He considers himself bisexual, but when he meets Mark Montgomery, a gay man, he falls hard. But being with Mark means he’ll have to commit to being gay. Mark won’t have it any other way.

Mark’s a man with a terrible past and he’s in hiding from it and the man who tried to kill him so long ago. When he meets Dan, it’s a chance at healing old wounds and finding a new life. But it also means exposure, and that’s something Mark’s avoided for years. When he’s thrust onto center stage after a shooting, he turns to Dan for protection.

But even in a small town, things can get complicated. Political maneuvering, shady real estate deals, and men’s ambitions all collide, catching Dan and Mark in the middle. Will the forces they encounter destroy them and their newfound love, or will it bind them together?

I am in all kinds of love with this book. If Daniel Chan wasn't a gay man I would want him for my own, but hahahah he is bi-sexual, yeh I know...but this man is all kinds of awesome. I am now a huge fan of Lynn Lorenz she is a definate buy when purchasing my m/m loving. This book was surprisingly funny, angsty and just a sweet sexy fest. LOVED IT!!
Daniel Chan is the captain of a police force in a small town, he is also chinese and if that don't blow all out the water. He loves his job, he has great friends and only a few years until his retirement. One problem, no one in town knows about his sexual preferences, sometimes he likes the ladies other times he wants a man. No reason to go spreading this around until there was Mark and all his homosexual tendencies are coming out in full force and everyone seems to be noticing.

The meeting between Mark and Chan is no gumballs and lollipops, you see Mark was just caught in some serious business involving a dead man, a wounded police officer and Mark being arrested. To save the police force ass Chan has to some smooth talking and that comes easy because he wants Mark naked. The instant attraction has some road blocks, because both our heroes have wounded souls and a whole lot of healing is required.

I loved Chan's humour he makes being an asshole a true talent, but man is he sweet. His internal dialogue is hilarious, his dialogue with other characters is a laugh out loud kinda thing, and I did. He is a complex character with true worries and it proves the darkside that most cops without a doubt carry. Mark is a beautiful character, all the shit that man has been through he deserves his happy ending.

It was great to see a interrracial couple, I love when the people of the world come together and just love, and it makes for just hot good times. Though the sex did not come till later it was worth it, so sweet and beautiful. These men aren't perfect and they make mistakes. There are scenes involving a woman, but it works in this story line. An enjoyable story with well written characters. 

4 1/2 Pants Off
 Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off


  1. This one is on my ereader but I haven't read it yet. I bought it because of the interracial element. Great review!

  2. The interracial loving is what makes the book. Plus I love how Daniel is older and this cop with real emotions. Its a deep book, and a good read.


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