Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Perfect Game

A Perfect Game by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine
Noble Romance
Novel:150 pages
4 out of 5

Twenty-year-old Christopher "Kit" Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport, but finds his lack of interest in formal education barring his way. Under threat from his wealthy father, an important alumnus and contributor at the private Christian college Kit attends, Kit has been barely muddling through. Not until the very handsome Liam Dalton replaces one of Kit's regular professors at the exclusive school does higher learning take on any real meaning.

All I am gonna say is Older man Younger dude, if that don’t catch your fancy, I will say D/s relationship younger guy the top. Head blown off yet! This one won’t win any awards for literary genius, but it offers a great love story and a beat all odds kind of thing.

Kit Pennington is a baseball player, a rich kid, college student and a Dom. Plus he is openly gay to the delight of his team-mates who revel in making his life a living hell. He hates school, but he loves baseball so no hateful set of punks is gonna keep him from his game, bonus he is the best on the team. He dislikes the whole school thing but he has to go to keep his game on, when he gets a new professor school life just got a whole lot better.

Kit comes on strong to the professor, all I am saying if I ever said this to any of my professors “I’ll bet you the fuck of your life” I would be writing this review from prison for sexual assault. Well lines like those makes this book sizzle, nothing says hot like forbidden fruit. Teacher/ student relationship is a no no but what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Life seems all bliss and shit, but someone finds out and it’s the one person Kit has to listen to and it creates tension and some questioning moments between him and his professor. I will say this book brought a tear or two, the D/s aspect of the story is very panty throwing worthy and Kit is very HAWT.

What is very clear is that this story is the rebuilding of two very different people who found their happiness in each other. Blah to hell with that, older man/ younger dude, teacher/student I think I have listed what is really important.

4 Pants Off
Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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