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Squire (Indigo Knights #1) by Jet Mykles
Novel:158 pages
4 out of 5

Related series: Heaven Sent

Rabin Squire is on top of the world. At long last, everything is going his way. He’s about to go into the studio with none other than Brent Rose to put together a new album for his band, the Indigo Knights. Okay, so there’re currently only two members of the band, but with Brent’s help, that’ll soon change. Things are looking up.

Then there’s Izzy, Brent’s cousin. Rabin’s never been interested in a guy before but he can sure tell when one is gorgeous, and Izzy is that. He’s also funny, and sweet as hell.

Since he’s not gay, Rabin never expected to have a fling with Izzy. But Izzy says their having sex doesn’t make him gay. Rabin’s not so sure about that but if Izzy’s good with it, what harm can come of it? Izzy agrees; no one else needs to know.

Then an even bigger opportunity means that Rabin has to move away. So if the thing with Izzy was no big deal, why does it hurt when it comes to an end?

COVER- I am a big fan of P.L Nunn, her artwork is always beautiful. I love the covers she does for Jet, and this one is no exception. The cover captures the very sexy Rabin with his guitar, and Izzy with his long hair and the best t-shirt that I someday wish to own, it’s a hot cover and I freaking love it. There is just something uber sexy about musicians, whether they know how to play the instrument or not.

So Squire is the first book in the Indigo Knights series, a spin-off of the authors Heaven Sent series. If you haven’t read the HS series, I would advise you get on it right away. It is just Hawt, Steamy, Sexy and so totally YAOI. Pretty boys getting it on with other pretty boys, I call that a good day.

Rabin Squire is a struggling musician, who just got help from one of the biggest name in music. Brent from Heaven Sent as agreed to help his band out and hopefully bring them back on top, and making good music. He has moved in to the house to work on the music, and it seems Brent’s cousin Izzy is also staying at the house.

Izzy has flirting with Rabin a daily routine, but Rabin seems unaffected, but how long can you deny yourself when you start noticing how pretty a man is. Rabin is getting the thoughts, but he straight, Right? Things get a little confusing, but things are very clear for Izzy he wants Rabin and he is gonna make his move. A night of steamy passion answers some questions for Rabin and leads to new ones like; Why does sex with a man feels so good? Why does he want to do it again? And when Izzy is around no one else compares.

A hush hush affair is going on, a bit of hiding, denying and a whole lot of other emotions. Is this relationship all about f*cking or is there more. These men have to do some figuring out and have some very hot sex. Welcome to the world of Jet Mykles.

I love GFY (gay for you), they are just 50x more sexy, its just so hot when a declared straight man gets the hots for another dude, I love it. Rabin and Izzy are hot, Jet is a genius, she could write about squirrels and I would buy it. For all my new to m/m readers, Jet is an author to read, she does pretty like no one else.

SideNote- Zane, Rabin's bff is a little bit of a hater when it comes to gay relationships. My hopes and dreams for him is that he starts liking a man and that man is a top. Yeh baby, that would burn, it would burn so good. 

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