Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's Happening This Week

Coming This Week
Howdy All, I hope you are doing a lot of pants losing now that the weather is getting frigid. Nothing like thawing out to a hot and steamy read. This week will be kind of slow for me, with assignments to finish and all that, but I promise to make it up.

 On Monday, my bi-weekly post of 'Menage Mondays'. The book for this post 'The Strongest Shape' was truly spectacular. One of the best Menage books I have ever read, just a truly realistic take on how it is to build a relationship between 3 people, and the characters are freaking awesome.

On Tuesday, I am hitting you up with my review for Crescendo. The most awesmazing spectacularness that is book 2, Ayden and Freyrik shine throughout the book. Did I also mention the epicness that is their adventure to finding happiness.

Wednesday a review for 'The Perfect Game' by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine. I really enjoyed this one, a college professor and his student (Yummo). With one of my fave tropes that took my pants off (BDSM).

Thursday! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American Peeps ^_^

Which brings me to give you a sneak peek of whats causing pants losing for the following week. Its gonna be theme week over here at Pants Off, a theme week of the kinkiest kind. So here's your peek at BDSM Week. The books to be reviewed are awesome, and plus there will be a really awesome giveaway. So stop by and take your pants off.

Its Gonna Be a Kink Fest


  1. I loooove the Perfect Game - well love anything by Jaye and Reno actually.
    I don't see any rockstar books in the mix this week - next week maybe? *kitteh eyes* Think I'm just in a rockstar mode at the moment.
    Carry on oh lovely fellow Canadian. :)

  2. No rockstars this week. Over at Joyfully Jay will be having a rockstar theme week, so you should check that out.

    Next Week is BDSM themed week here, and nope no Rockstars tying each other up (lol)

  3. Ug - now you've put the image of rockstars tying each other up in my head. Maybe I need to add some of that to my Outfoxed 2. XD

    I look forward to your posts this week. Sorry I never found your site sooner.

  4. I would read rockstars tying each other up, thats incredibly hot.

    No worries about the site, thanks for stopping by and chatting it up.


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