Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coming Soon: My Year End Book Wrap-Up

So this year has been a somewhat great reading year for me. There were a few books that blew me out of the water, and others that left me completely disappointed. Therefore, I will be sharing my top fave books in some of my outrageous categories. It would be completely hard for me to pick one book I loved above all else this year *freaking impossible*. To avoid me doing the impossible, I will be picking my top books from some of the crazy labels I put each book I read in and the regular ones.

So from next week and on I will be picking my top books (amount will vary) of 2011 from each of these categories.

Butt Virgins or Overall Virgin

Young Guy Get Poked by Older Dude

Gay Wolves-Shifters

Best Vampires

Tie Me Up and Use Me aka BDSM

Three is Never A Crowd (Ménage)

My Fave Books of 2011

* Be sure to stop by and see what books caused a pants losing for me in 2011*

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