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Cop Out by KC Burn

Cop Out by KC Burn
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 176pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Detective Kurt O’Donnell is used to digging up other people’s secrets, but when he discovers his slain partner was married to another man, it shakes him. Determined to do the right thing, Kurt offers the mourning Davy his assistance. Helping Davy through his grief helps Kurt deal with the guilt that his partner didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth, and somewhere along the way Davy stops being an obligation and becomes a friend, the closest friend Kurt has ever had.

His growing attraction to Davy complicates matters, leaving Kurt struggling to reevaluate his sexuality. Then a sensual encounter neither man is ready for confuses them further. To be with Davy, Kurt must face the prospect of coming out, but his job and his relationship with his Catholic family are on the line. Can he risk destroying his life for the uncertain possibility of a relationship with a newly widowed man?

Short Review:
Kurt O’Donnell is a cop struggling from the lost of his partner. Suffering injuries of his own he trying to come to grips with the death of a man he thought of as a friend. While attending his funeral it seems that his detective skills aren’t as good as they thought because the man he thought he knew for over three years has been keeping a really big secret.

Its seems the big secret was Davy, his partner’s lover for over ten years and Kurt hand no clue about the relationship. He’s feeling somewhat betrayed, and a pull to the widowed man with the big eyes. So Kurt sort of forces himself into Davy’s life. He never expected to find friendship with the shy man, or be fighting an attraction he never expected.

I am mildly surprised by the turn the story took, but it’s a good surprise. I loved that it wasn’t an insta-love type of book it really would have ruined the overall tone of the story. Cop Out takes a real slow progression of the relationship, somewhat dragging but still entertaining. I felt that Kurt struggles with being attracted to a man were sound. Davy is somewhat hard to understand, and I am still trying to figure him out.

Leading up to the ending is where the book fizzled for me; I think the distance between the men was too long, which made the ending seem too rushed. Plus the injured cop at the end is too predictable, and I wished the author had found another way to bring the lovers together.

Overall, I liked the book and I would really like to read a short in the future about Kurt and Davy.

3 1/2 Pants Off
 Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

A Year of Firsts- First book by author K.C Burn

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