Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coming Soon: Author Week

So I am guessing everyone knows the process of author week. You feature one author over the period of a week. Very simple and uncomplicated, but for this Author Week I am going to need your help.

There's been a lot of firsts here on Pants Off, and I want my first Author Week to be about an author I have read for the very first time this year. So I will have a list of five authors and I will be putting them in a poll. I want you to help me pick who gets featured for a whole week.

So its pretty much a simple thing, five authors you help me choose one, because I can hardly make decisions (I am so indecisive).

Authors I have so far:
Cat Grant
KyAnn Waters
KC Burn
Willa Okati

Just one more to go and I will put up an official poll for voting. I also feel a giveaway coming on \o/ GIVEAWAY\o/

Stay tuned my Pants Off losing peeps!!!!

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