Monday, January 16, 2012

Menage Mondays: Room at the Top by Alexa Snow & Jane Davitt

Hello everyone and happy Monday, welcome to the long over due installment of Menage Monday. Its been awhile since I had a book for you all but all that will change from now on. I am plan to keep it going bi-weekly, so watch out for it.

 This book started off very slow for me in the beginning, and it felt like it was dragging. I think its because our main MCs weren't doing the three man love. It took a really long time to pick up, but in the end it tunred out to be a good read.

Room At The Top
Novel: 267pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Burb: Austin and Jay want a dom in their lives, but not a third person in their bed. When their dom moves away, replacing him turns out to be trickier than they’d thought and the two of them are getting desperate. Enter Liam, a friend of their former dom, deliciously sexy and stern, ready to spank them into shape – and straight.

It’s all going so well, but can Liam separate his growing attraction to his two young subs from what they do during their sessions? And can Austin and Jay handle the discovery that Liam means more to them than he was ever supposed to?

With Austin’s younger sister April ready to do anything she can to make life difficult for the three men, is it going to be possible for Austin and Jay to prove to Liam that there’s room in their life – and their bed – for him?

Thoughts: It took me awhile to get into this book. I thought it was moving a bit too slow, and going on about a lot of mundane things. In the long run it all came together perfectly.

I loved the relationship between Jay and Austin; they are so very in love. Their problem is that they are both submissive and in a relationship, they need a Dom and not a third. I think that is the most intriguing part of the book, how can it be called a ménage when there are only two people involved in the relationship.

When it comes to writing BDSM, Alexa Snow and Jane Davitt are pros. It’s really authentic and it’s more than sex. Its offers the trust that should be found in a D/s relationship, the intimacy without all the sex. I really enjoyed the slow progression of the relationship, Liam is one special Dom, he had his moments of idiocy but he came through in the end.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this one and I would love to read about these guys again. The kink is high top in this one, so get ready for some serious spanking. I recommend this one folks.

SideNote- Get ready for the most annnoying and bitchy sister you will ever read in a book (she was effing pointless).

4 Pants Off
 Always Remember:"3 is never a crowd and one more is always invited"

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